How to Create a Gallery Wall for your Home

Gallery walls have been around for a while. And they continue to be a great way to add some character to your room! However, making one is not as ...

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Gallery walls have been around for a while. And they continue to be a great way to add some character to your room! However, making one is not as easy as it seems. Our team tried their hands at creating one for their respective homes and realised – it’s confusing! The biggest issue they all faced was how many options are out there. So we’ve set ourselves the task of demystifying what goes behind creating a gallery wall for your room.

What’s A Gallery Wall?

We’ve all been into framed collages, but imagine a collage of framed individual images on your wall. That is what a gallery wall is. The concept can be adapted according to your personal taste and the theme of your home. You can use a gallery wall to decorate any part of your home, from your kitchen or bathroom to your library or bedroom.

Why Do I Want A Gallery Wall?

If done right, a gallery wall can transform spaces in your home, making it look like an extension of you.

Since picking out art and photos for a gallery wall, and then putting it together can be confusing, we’re starting off with a simplistic yet holistic guide that’ll help you create your own gallery wall.

  1. Type

    Grid Line Gallery Wall
  • A photos only gallery wall or a memory wall is a great way to add life to your home and make it personal and warm. There are many ways you can go about it. For instance, black and white images from your childhood mixed in with colour pictures of recent years, all black or wooden frames for a coordinated look, all white frames against a dark coloured wall or multicoloured frames against a white or black wall and so on.
  • Do you love art, and want to see it all around you? Create an art wall with prints and paintings of your favourite artists. A mix of different image sizes, frames and textures always lends an interesting touch any wall. You can go for an all charcoal or sketches only wall, mix in oil paints on canvas, arrange different phases of art of your favourite artist etc.
  • Lovers of the eclectic style usually do up their gallery wall in a whimsical fashion. Mixing different kinds of art such as photographs, artefacts, paintings, quotes, fabrics, clocks and other wall hangings like dreamcatchers, chalkboards, animal figures, alphabets, plants, plates, mirrors etc, can creating an intriguing wall and even become a conversation starter for your guests.
  1. Frames

    Mirror Gallery Wall
  • Frames are a great way to align and organize your gallery wall, adding an extra element of detail and style on your wall. You can either go for straight line frames, curved frames or ornate and carved frames depending on your aesthetic preferences
  • For a clean look, you may go for frames shaped similarly and in the same colour. Alternatively, you may also go for different shapes in the same colour creating a beautiful visual.
  • Mixing different coloured frames on a light coloured wall is a great way to create an eye catching gallery wall, adding pops of colour to your space.
  • Want to keep it simple yet artistic? Hang empty frames in different shapes or similar shapes on your wall to create a gallery wall without making it look to busy or cluttered.
  • You can also go for a mix of monochromatic and coloured frames for an eclectic visual.
  1. Structure and Layout

  • When going for a grid style, pick the kind of grid and then the number of pictures or art you want to include in the grid. The most common gid styles depending on orientation are horizontal, vertical or square. Next, decide on the number and size of pictures that you want to hang.
  • To create an untamed or random style gallery wall, you can arrange the pieces in a random fashion, with a mix of big and small art pieces or pictures. The look should however have some thought behind it and create a cohesive visual.
  • Heart shaped gallery walls look super cute and add a vibe of warmth and love to any space. To execute this, make a collection of all the images you want to hang, measure the area of the heart shape, and arrange the pictures within that area and shape.
  1. The Vibe & Feel

  • Decide on the kind of vibe and ambience you want to create in the area that you are doing the gallery wall. Consider your aesthetic inclinations, your personal tastes and sentiments before you decide.
  • Some examples of different styles are:
  • Art Museum (themed images whether contemporary / classic, architectural images, vintage photographs)
  • Cafe (popular or friendly quotes, fabric patterns, food or drink related visuals)
  • Sentimental (special moments photographs, black & white images)
  • Chic (metallic frames, ornate frames, luxurious vibes)
  • Glam (fashion images, vintage fashion magazine covers, bling elements like embellishments, pearl details, metallics etc)
  • Classic (clean and staright line frames, classical art, historical images, heirloom art, old family pictures, neutral hues)
  • Garden/Botanical (dried flora and fauna, tropical prints, wooden frames, earthy hues, botanical images)
  1. Making a Gallery Wall

  • Decide on the area where you want to create the gallery wall. The kind of gallery wall that you want to go for will depend on the area you pick. You can also pick multiple areas within your home like kitchen, bathroom, library, kids’ room, playroom, bedroom, work/study desk, dining room, corridor, stairwell, over sofa, above headboard, empty wall in front of dining table, entry way, surrounding the TV, bathroom wall and so on.
  • Measure the area of the wall that you want to convert into a gallery. Keep in the mind how busy or empty the wall or the space around it is. The placement should make aesthetic sense. For instance, if the area is already too busy with furniture and decor, go for subdued images and hues, and stick to a single colour theme.
  • Before you start putting up art on your wall, first make a draft plan of how you want it to look. Measure the wall area and note down the dimensions, colour scheme and so on. Place your art pieces or images on a plain white sheet of paper or a white bedsheet and play with different combinations to determine how you want your pieces to go up on the wall.
  • Place the most dominating, large or central piece of decor/image on the wall first and then place other items around it.
  • Do not hook in the nails until unless you’re absolutely sure of the placements.
  • For a neat and straight line look, measure a straight line and go for same sized frames. This is a great way to create a continuing art or slogan wall.
  • You can also create shelves in random or a straight order to place framed images and other objects on those shelves. This is a great option for areas like the library, kitchen or your bedroom.
  1. Have Fun With It

    Heart Shaped Gallery Wall
  • Gallery walls are a way of expressing your own self and your aesthetics, so it is important to not get stuck to references and inspiration, rather use them as a guide.
  • Play around and have fun with your family while doing up your gallery wall. Stay open to suggestions, and make sure it is unique to your home.
  • To add more fun, you can also play with your choice of wall paint colour or go for textured or patterned wallpapers.

Now that you’re equipped with some basic information to get started, go ahead and start planning for your gallery wall.

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