Easy Home Cleaning Hacks For Diwali – Part 2

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We are back with some more hacks! There are some corners and nooks in our home that sneak up on us, and worse sneak up on our guests, from time to time. A  pungent smell from the linen in the bathroom may make your guests question your hygiene. Your evening may be spent in driving the flies away instead of having fun.The dull furniture may take away from the bright lights that are a part of the festival.

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We have some cool fixes that will make it easy for you to clean the sneaky places. Check them out:

A simple fix for smelly towels

The dampness of our bathrooms can make the linen and the towels smell. Even after washing them regularly, the smell can come back to haunt you and your guests. Here is something that can be a permanent solution to the problem:

Home made wood polish for re-varnish

Wooden furniture is a nice touch in your house and can enhance the aesthetics, but their maintenance can be tough. When moisture sets in, wooden furniture can look dull and also get ruined over a period of time. Here is what you can do:

Getting rid of the house flies

Not only are the house flies annoying, they bring with them filth and diseases. Rather than trying to drive them by swaying your hands, you can just sit back with this easy hack. What’s more! You will have a nice smelling pest repellent too.

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Your guests may not take out your yoga mats and start questioning the dirt accumulated on it, but this one is for you. You can’t possibly start your day and so something to stay fit with something that is dirty and unhealthy! Clean your yoga mats easily with this fix:

We wish for every corner of your house to be clean and bright, reflecting the spirit of this festival. Before you are inundated with the card parties and get together, book a professional Diwali cleaning package from Urban Company! Have a Happy and prosperous Diwali!



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