Easy Home Cleaning Hacks For Diwali – Part 1

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One of the biggest festivals celebrated in India is all about welcoming family and friends over. Whether it is a festive dinner or the many poker parties, your guests expect a nice clean home which is brightly lit reflecting the spirit of the festival.

If you are yet to start cleaning for Diwali, don’t get overwhelmed with the quantum of work. Start with small and then take out the big guns. Or better still, outsource! Here are some quick and easy ways to get started:

Shower head for a nice shower

Using just one ingredient in your kitchen you can have a shiny shower head. Watch this video and know how!

Shiny taps

The dull steel taps in your house need a thorough cleaning? It is not easy getting the shine with just soap and water. Check out this hack and let every bathroom fitting shine!

Electric kettle and utensils cleaner

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Your morning brew needs to be made in something that is as shiny as you wish your rest of the day will be. Cleaning the caffeine stains can be a pain and they are too stubborn to be removed in one go. Here is a hack that will not just clean your kettle but other utensils that have food stains:

Cleaning the window sills

It is easy and it is inexpensive! You don’t have to follow your maid around the house to make sure she cleans every corner of your house and most importantly the window sills which often get missed out. Be sure your guests get the perfect view from at least the inside of the house!

Cleaning the cupboards and the cabinets

We lay out old newspapers to make sure everything that we want stored is well organized and does not leave ugly stains in our cabinet. But we forget all about the stainless steel handle bars. Here is a nice hack to make them shine!

Carpet Cleaner 

One of the most noticeable areas of your house, specially by your guests! The minute they step into the living room and sit comfortably, they will get distracted with that huge ugly stain on your carpet that you did not find time to get dry cleaned. Fret not! Here is a hack that is easy on your pocket and mind

Can’t wait to try these hacks? There is more coming your way! While you get started and wait for the rest, you can leave the complicated and deep cleaning to us. Book a cleaning professional service this Diwali instead of doing it all on your own.




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