The Laser Red Sting: Top 8 Infrared Vision CCTVs On Sale

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infrared vision CCTV cameras


Adding a security surveillance equipment is the best way to protect your house from trespassing or acts of vandalism or simply just creating a safe place for your family to live in. With infrared vision, these cameras will not just put up their duties in the morning but be relevant during nights too. In times of lack of light, infrared cameras light up the surveyed area for better surveillance. Spectacular features like 1080p HD, over 50 feet of night light coverage, store built vandal protection and multiple panning options, CCTVs are the talk of the markets.  Listed below are top 8 choices for infrared vision CCTV cameras that are available in commercial video surveillance systems with night vision market segment:


1. BIPRO – 9004 Home and Business Security Camera

This product offers infrared CCTV surveillance and is one of the best available in the market. This weatherproof product is the best option for indoor or outdoor surveillance system. The offer promises 1000 lines of resolution and has 30 infrared LEDs around the screen that can illuminate up to 25 meters in case of lack of light. With a 3.6 mm lens, this CCTV has a Tri-Axis mount for ultimate flexibility and panning options for better recording.

2. DPRO-L36 Infrared Dome CCTV Camera

With 24 infrared LEDs, this is the best option for indoor surveillance for both the day and the night. It offers up to 82 feet of effective range during night vision mode. The frames are of a resolution of 700 TVL. With a tri-axis mount, this camera can be attached to the wall or the ceiling. It is the best option for a camera with night vision for indoor purposes and it has a black camera base.

This product is also available with a white camera base. The product name is DPRO-L36W Indoor Dome CCTV Camera.

3. BIPRO – 540L4 Infrared security camera

If you need to get a significant portion of your estate covered, here is your option. This surveillance camera has 360 infrared LEDs and a coverage of a whopping 100 feet when in infrared mode. It is weatherproof; thus, making it suitable for outdoor as well as indoor purposes. It offers 1000 lines of resolution/ 960 H CCTV with it 3.6 mm lens. An additional benefit would be that it comes with the power supply thus continued surveillance is ensured and the power lines even though rigged by miscreants cannot stop the cameras from recording it. This product comes in white, silver as well as dark grey case color.

4. DPRO – 9620 VFW Dome Infrared Camera

This indoor surveillance camera has 35 infrared LEDs that provide zero light viewing up to 82 feet radius. This camera comes with the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and is the perfect choice for wall mount or ceiling mount. If the purpose it serves is in a building with a high ceiling, then this is the perfect option. This product is available in the market in black as well as white camera base.

5. DPRO – EC 550 VF2 Dome Camera

When reading about the previous option, did that thought of having the same thing in weatherproof option ever cross your mind? Well, that is what this product is. It offers ultra-high definition images of 700 Television Lines (TVL). This product has a vandal resistant metal body which makes it the perfect choice for safety concerned customers. The built-in 35 infrared LEDs have an automatic IR cut filter that makes it even more efficient when compared to its competition. With an illuminating distance of 25 meters, and 2.8 mm – 12 mm varifocal lens, it is the best option for outdoor purposes.

6. 1080p HD Security Camera

An outdoor/ indoor weatherproof surveillance camera with 1080p resolution. Sounds brilliant already, right? Well, that is exactly what this surveillance camera is. With 1000 lines of television resolution and 960 H Analog CCTV format supported images, this is one of the best-infrared cameras. It offers 42 infrared LEDs that can see up to 120 feet in infrared mode. It comes with mounting bracket and power supply. The best part is that it offers OSD (on-screen display ). The image supports most file formats like AHD, TVI, HD – CVI, HD.

7. DPRO – AS 700 Vandal Dome Camera

This is an indoor-outdoor, vandal proof surveillance camera with AC/DC dual voltage. This is another high-resolution surveillance camera and comes with tri-axis mount for the wall as well as a ceiling mount. It is made up of a white metal base with vandal proof, high impact plastic dome. It has a Wide Dynamic Range coverage.

8. BIPRO S600 VF 12 Outdoor CCTV Camera

This adjustable IR LED includes smart infrared illumination technology. You can customize the infrared beam width. The technology is equipped with automatic day and night vision modes. The infrared beam is effective up to 200 feet radius and is the best-infrared camera available in the market. It has inbuilt Digital Noise Reduction (DNR).

Vandal proof, weather proof, high-definition display or perfect night vision, there is an option that would best suit your requirement. One of the above options would actually be perfect for your purpose

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