13 Reasons Why CCTVs Are a Must in Schools

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Benefit of CCTV in school



In today’s world, safety and security should always be given high importance and is supposed to be prioritized. It is practically impossible to have an eye on everything and this is where closed circuit television, simply known as CCTV, comes into the picture.

The fear of an unknown super power watching over all of humanity, be it God or Batman (Christopher Nolan’s, of course!), is believed and respected by thousands, well, CCTVs are the materialistic version of this all seeing eye. And adapting this technology to schools is a good decision that helps maintain a good atmosphere for kids to learn and develop at.

Having Closed Circuit Television in schools is important because:

1. Keeps a check on bullying

Not all human beings are same physically and mentally, it is often seen that the strong prey on the weak. This scenario is still existent in schools where a diverse group of kids come together and CCTVs help prevent such intimidation at the campus.

2. Prevents substance abuse

With the advent of internet, social connect has increased by manifolds and everything is available to everyone. As teenagers, peer pressure and in the process of becoming “cool”, kids tend to try out illegal and unhealthy substances like drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. Making the campus free of secret hideouts helps reduce the risk of substance abuse.

3. Monitoring strangers

An institution is constantly visited by strangers for various purposes, letting someone into the property is undeniably risky. However, having an eye on strangers prevent any mishaps and unnecessary trouble to the kids and management alike.

4. Behavior monitoring

Children tend to have mood swings, tantrums and some be just be mischievous by nature. Having a CCTV helps regulate such outbreaks. Most schools have state of the art facilities and are technologically loaded. Destruction of which results in huge loss. Such breakouts can be prevented with the help of constant monitoring.

5. Ensures safety

Providing a secure and safe environment for the kids and staff is the responsibility of the authorities. An environment with high population is prone to trouble.

  • Prevents child abuse- Children often do not know what is love and what is abuse. Many adults prey on this unawareness. Such risks can be avoided with CCTVs.
  • Prevents bunking- It helps avoid situations where kids jump the compound wall and the school is put in a situation where their security is concerned.
  • Prevents violence- It helps monitor fist fights and other physical violence that kids get themselves into.

    6. Teachers refrain from physically punishing kids

Social media is flooded with graphic images of teachers punishing kids by beating them up and tiring them physically. Such instances can be avoided with constant monitoring.

7. Authorities can ensure that teachers are doing their job

It is important for students to be guided. Course becomes hectic and too pressurizing with no guidance from teachers. CCTVs ensure that the teachers are doing their job in educating the future generation.

8. Prevents malpractices

Kids refrain from copying in tests and assignments. Properties will be safe. Teachers or other staffs cannot be bribed. Meddling with question papers and other official documents can also be prevented.

9. Aid during emergency situations

In case of a sudden breakout of fire or other emergencies, the root cause of the problem can be easily recognized and evacuation and safety procedures can be conducted with higher efficiency than before.

10. Unauthorized entry can be prevented

It acts as an all seeing eye and keeps out intruders and trouble makers. Keeping out intruders, in case of terrorist attacks or an uninvited animal, enhances the quality and safety of the environment that a kid is exposed to. Needless trouble can be kept at bay. Such intrusion alerts the authorities and helps them react accordingly to the situation.

11. Arriving at just conclusions

Having the footage of an event eases the process of decision making. Coming to wrong conclusions can be avoided completely with the help of recorded evidence.

12. Provides control to authorities over the institution

Having a CCTV ensures legitimate control over all situations. Any abnormality immediately draws the attention of concerned bodies and helps in reducing its impact tremendously.

13. Parents are at peace

Parents can leave their kids at an environment that they are sure about. A sense of relief floods the mind when the concept of constant monitoring surfaces. It helps ensuring and reassuring the concept of secure environment for kids.

With the supreme court making Right to Freedom a Fundamental Right, some may argue that it breeches privacy. But, it is only natural for parents and concerned adults to ensure that the future generation develops and grows in a safe environment. Most schools and other educational institutions today, have closed circuit television and are moving towards making the schools extremely secure. Though, a cent percent guarantee is a far cry, reducing the risk by leaps is definitely a positive change.

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