How Pinhole Technology Has Changed the Idea of CCTV Cameras?

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benefits of pinhole cctv camera


Surveillance has become a necessity in today’s world. No one can be trusted, and one can only rely on an addition set of eyes (not quite literally). Advancement in the stage of surveillance is believed to have taken a humongous step when the pinhole camera technology was adopted into closed circuit television a.k.a. CCTVs.

With the advent of pinhole cameras, keeping a discreet eye on the events unfolding during your absence has become easier. They play the all-seeing God while you are busy elsewhere. Keep an eye on nannies babysitting your infant, teachers imposing corporal punishment on students, colleagues indulging in sexual harassment and what not.

Here is your complete guide which will answer your questions “Why Get Pinhole Cameras?”

Advantages of pinhole technology implemented in CCTVs:

Technologically speaking, pinhole cameras come with a trumping advantage of being engineered with easy technology. Here are two of them that you should know about.

1. Light and easy

The technology used in incorporating pinhole cameras into CCTV equipment is extremely easy and uncomplicated which makes the resulting CCTV weigh lesser than the usual ones.

2. Comparatively easy installation technique

The very same fluid technology used in its making makes the installation of CCTV’s with pinhole cameras in them easy and as simple as it can get.

 Uses of a pinhole CCTV camera:

Based on the industrial advantages that pinhole cameras come with, here is a set of uses that will amaze you.

3. Small in size

The small size if the camera makes it easy and is appropriate as a spy camera. The equipment cannot and will not be easily spotted and can also be used as a backup camera. This equipment is only slightly larger than a quarter in size. The camera can be very well hidden under layers of any substance.

 4. Provides high definition images

Though pretty small in size, the image created is of extremely high quality and can even be printed in huge image sizes without the tension of it being pixelated. According to the requirement, it can be adjusted in order to produce various image qualities and can be easily modified.

5. Can be used as spy camera

Only a small portion (pin sized) of the camera needs to be exposed to the external portion in order to create the image. Hence, this camera can be hidden in other objects and will not be noticed. This helps in various kinds of journalism and also helps in investigative procedures.

 6. Works in low light levels

This camera produces clear images even when there is not high levels of light rays and hence can be operated and used also as night vision cameras and for monitory purposes at night time.

7. Can be hidden in other objects

The small size of the equipment allows it to be hidden in other objects like pens, shirt buttons, watches, etc. This makes undercover operations easier and helps in easy creation of proof material.

Benefits of installing a pinhole CCTV camera

Read on to know how these uses will benefit you in future and how you can safeguard your surroundings with better surveillance.

 8. Helps prevent thefts and vandalism

Nowhere is safe and one cannot always rely on another person to ensure the safety of one’s belongings. Installing a camera makes you self-reliant and independent and at the safe time safe.

9. Ensures corporate security and helps can fraud employees

Have you been noticing something wrong in your firm recently? Well, rub off all doubts and find out who the fraud is by installing this secret spy camera in your office. Never again would you have to doubt whom to trust and who not to.

10. Leave your kids at home with nannies with no worry

Stories that have been circulating lately of nannies ill treating kids have left every parent scared. A spy camera will help you have peace at your work place with no worry of your kid’s safety.

11. Helps keep intruders at a distance at the same time offers proof

Trespassers and intruders can be kept at bay with these new spy cameras. At the same time, it also offers proof and validates your claims of intrusion.

12. Helps keep a check on your employees

It helps you understand who is working and who is not. You would not want to aimlessly pays someone who is not valuable to your firm.

13. Have an eye over everything even when you are asleep

It works great as a night surveillance help. As it works perfectly even under dim lighting, it is the go to perfect choice as surveillance camera.

Having a pinhole CCTV camera is beneficial in ways more than one. It can also be doubled as a spy camera. It is worth the hype that it receives. That fact that it can also be manufactured at home using basic everyday equipment makes it a better choice than its alternatives. The technology that it uses is age old and fool proof.

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