8 Point Checklist: All The Equipment You Need To Install Outdoor CCTV Camera System

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Have you ever wondered if you should set up a security camera or not? Doesn’t it irk you when you get stuck in the dilemma of whether to set one up? However, if you are paranoid and extra careful about the security of your family and your belongings, then you should probably set up a security camera for sure.

An outdoor camera is a much better option than an indoor one, because the former will actually survey your house and its surroundings from possible threats. A better alternative is a hidden outdoor security camera. Though a not so hidden option can put a potential robber or an offender, off-guard, a hidden camera can actually record why they might be a possible threat, without warning them off. Though actual hidden cameras are against ethical concepts and morals, an outdoor hidden camera in a household for surveillance purpose, shall be totally acceptable.

Nevertheless, there are 8 things you need to keep in mind before you install a hidden security camera in your outdoor premises.

1. It is actually hidden

The first aspect that you should be taking into account should be the fact that except you and the occupants of the compound wouldn’t be aware of the hidden cameras and this puts the neighbors of the premise, in a compromising position. You must be sure to place your camera in such a way as to not invade into your neighbor’s privacy, especially without them being aware of it, not even a teensy bit.

2. Cannot be a scare-crow

Most people install a security camera for the sole purpose of threatening away possible offenders or robbers etc. However, a hidden camera, which is not visible to the naked eye, will not scare off any stranger who might be intending to invade your living space.

Nevertheless, you can still argue that the face of that stranger might get clearly recorded in your hidden camera, which is the bigger aspect to be noted.

3. Extra care

Most people believe that installing CCTV can be a tedious task and even after it is fully installed, it needs proper care and continuous maintenance. Here in this case, a hidden camera needs better care than normal camera because of the sole factor of it being hidden (which might at times act to your advantage because the camera may not be exposed to natural factors as much).

If you have still decided that you need to install a security camera, then you need to know a few details about the things you might require to actually install it and get it working and if it is a hidden camera, you need a different place for it.

4. Proper power supply

The first and biggest factor that you need to ensure is that there is proper and continuous supply of power in the premise that you choose to fix the camera. This is to make sure that the recording process of the CCTV is not disrupted. Even if you don’t have constant supply of power, even having a back up would also do.

5. The perfect place

If you are fixing a camera, you need to make sure that it is affixed at the right position, meaning, it is able to record that happenings outside the premises and at the same time, does not intrude into the privacy of the neighbors, like specified earlier.

If you choose to install a hidden camera, then the choice of placement should have extra contemplation because wherever you place it, it should be enclosed enough to remain hidden, yet, open enough to give the camera the space to watch and record the happenings.

6. Camera mount

To get a better view of what is happening in and around the premises, it is better to have the camera fixed at a higher angle. For this, you need to acquire a camera mount, over which, the camera will be mount on top.

These mounts, in general are easy to operate and their directions can thus be changed easily.

Along with the mounts, you can also get what is referred to as “housings”, which acts as a cover for CCTV cameras and protects it from rain, over exposure to light etc. If you are choosing a hidden camera, then there is no point in buying housings.

7. Video amplifiers and splitters

When you decide to cover your entire outdoor area with more than one camera, you might want to get your hands on a splitter which is an equipment that helps you to view the input from more than one camera on a single monitor and also an amplifier that helps to amplify signals when a cable or two runs too long.

8. Cables, wires and connectors

The major components required to connect your camera is lots of cables, connectors and wires. These are essential for connecting one or more CCTV to the video viewer, or the screen you view the recordings on and most importantly, you need wires to connect the cameras to the major boards which supplies power to the premise.

After all the things that you might think you need before you get a camera installed, the one major component is the fact that you need a purpose to install it. It can either be your need to make your belongings stay safe or being weary of your surroundings etc. Ensure that these 8 elements are straight and you can have a safe household. 

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