5 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid While Using Your Microwave Oven

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Using a microwave saves you a lot of time and effort. Whether it is reheating food or simply cooking it from scratch, you can use a microwave to get a hassle-free meal on your plate. However, you need to ensure you use the microwave oven correctly. This will make the food in front of you healthier and it will keep your appliance well-maintained too. Read on to know what you may be possibly doing wrong while using a microwave oven to prevent making the mistakes.

5 Common Microwave Oven Usage Mistakes

Listed below are the 5 most common microwave mistakes people make. Are you making any?

1. Using plastic containers


Let’s admit it – most of us use plastic containers frequently to reheat or cook food in the microwave. This is a big blunder. Microwave ovens use high heat to cook the food. The high temperatures inside the oven can make the plastic melt and emit harmful chemicals. It is therefore very important for you to restrict the usage of plastic containers in the microwave oven. Glass containers are an excellent alternative here. If you must use plastic, then ensure the containers are microwave-safe. When buying them, run a check to see whether they are fit to be used inside the appliance or not. The plastic that is safe to use in a microwave oven is usually more expensive. But keeping in mind the benefits it provides, it is worth every penny. So make your selection wisely.

2. Irregular cleaning


It is very important for you to clean your microwave oven on a regular basis. Irregular cleaning can make your food unhygienic as well as impact the longevity of the oven. Make it a point to clean the inside of your microwave at least once a week. Wipe the outside clean every two days or so. Any old food particle stuck to the walls of the microwave may rot and produce harmful bacteria. This bacteria can then travel to your food and make you sick. Also, dirt, food, and grease stuck to the microwave can hamper its performance and may even lead to the device malfunctioning. So do not make the mistake of leaving your microwave greasy and dirty for a long time. a few tips should help you keep a clean microwave oven!

3. Using the microwave as a table


With limited space in the kitchen, you may be inclined to place some jars and pots on top of the microwave. Many of us make this mistake. It is important to keep the top of the microwave free and decluttered. When in operation, the oven emits rays and transmissions that can be harmful to the objects around. Therefore, keep the space on top of the microwave free (You can call microwave experts from Urban Company to help you fix that!). Also, blocking these rays from freely transmitting can have an adverse effect on the appliance itself and prevent it from functioning properly. If there is no other option but to place them on the microwave, ensure you remove them while the oven is working. When the microwave is switched off, you can safely keep them on top of it again.

4. Only using high power to cook food

Another common microwave mistake is using only the highest power setting. You often think that your food will cook or heat up faster if there is more heat. This is not true, as high heat may lead to uneven cooking. You will end up with a dish that has overcooked food in one spot and raw food in the other! To prevent this, try using a mid-heat setting. Keep the food in the microwave for a longer period of time and let it cook at an even pace. This will bring you better results, so do give it a try.

5. Not stirring the food while heating


Like mentioned above, the heat in the microwave oven often is not spread out evenly. However, most of us simply put the food in, switch on the oven and forget all about it! It is very important for you to keep stirring the food from time to time. This will ensure the heat spreads to all the areas and cooks or heats the dish uniformly. It is also important to remember here that if you open the door of the microwave too frequently, it will have an adverse impact on the cooking. So time out the intervals properly and keep stirring as you go along.

A majority of the people using microwave ovens make these mistakes. These may appear as simple mistakes, but unfortunately, they bring about unpleasant consequences. These mistakes are very easy to fix, so get to work. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind and use your microwave properly. You will get better results for sure. The food will and healthier and tastier and the oven will last for a longer time as well.

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