5 Ingenious DIY Kitchen Cleaning Hacks For You

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Dirty dishes and a dirty kitchen are indications of many things – a hearty meal, full stomachs and the lack of clever cleaning hacks that you can do yourself in a jiffy. Well, we believe that when it comes to the kitchen, while it might seem otherwise, cleaning is easy, especially with the right set of ingredients and some application of your ingeniousness and creativity. And which is why, we’re here with 5 ingenious, tried and tested kitchen cleaning hacks that you can do yourself without any help from a professional. Watch the video for details:

Whether its removing stains from your cabinets with toothpaste, cleaning the stove with oil, cleaning pans till they shine and sparkle, steam cleaning your microwave or refreshing a used kettle so that you can use it to keep your tea hot again – these hacks are simple enough that you or your maid can easily make use of them at a moment’s notice (and all those times when you run out of your cleaning supplies suddenly). The best part? The ingredients required for the process are regulars in your kitchen stock and universally available in any convenience store around you.

Your health is important to us and keeping your kitchen clean goes a long way in maintaining it. Our principle here at #UrbanClap has always been to #MakeLifeSimple for you, however, we can. So, trust us and try these hacks out and when they work their magic, give us a shout out! We’d love to hear from you 🙂

And if you need some more professional help with cleaning your kitchen, why not book a professional kitchen cleaning service?

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