Inside Kangana Ranaut’s Classy Home With A Hint of Eclectic

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This is the third post in the series – Celebrity Home Tours Week on Urbanclap Homes! See the first two about Alia Bhatt & John Abraham’s houses here and here.

When the queen of Bollywood decides to own her abode you should expect nothing less than a castle and that is what Kangna Ranaut’s home is. Kangana Ranaut’s place is filled with quotes like ‘The fire that warms us can also consume us, it is not the fault of the fire.’ The actor, who has always strived for perfection, has given a sneak-peek into her house, and we are absolutely speechless.

What we love the most about #Queen’s home <3

Hollywood Regency Style meets House-in-the-hills

With a touch of old Hollywood style and frames and pictures of Hollywood divas around her living space, Kangna’s home is a perfect mix of old school New York charm with a mountais of India flavour (since it reminds her of her grandparents’ home in the mountains), with a lot of greenery and colour which is clearly seen in her dining area.

#WhatWeLoveTheMost: The use of quirky wall frames of different size curated together on one wall of the living room without making it look cluttered.

* Feminist portrayal on point — The Freida Kahlo divider*

Bold in Blue

The entrance is a blend of grandeur with a bold eclectic touch of blue. You get an inkling that what you’re going to witness inside is going to glamorous. The photograph on the entrance depicts a native and raw touch that is all the more exposed in the living room.

#WhatWeLoveTheMost: The use of moody photography in the entryway can be tricky but Kangna Ranaut has nailed it with the monochromed visual appeal. By the way, Moody Photography is one the hottest home decor trends of 2018.

Rustic Indian Feel

The balcony area too has a rustic and raw appeal but with an entirely Indian touch. Kangna Ranaut’s home is, like we already said, a perfect blend of Indian raw appeal with old world Hollywood Regency styles. *We could not have expected any less* <3

#WhatWeLoveTheMost: Earthen pottery and the rustic wooden bench!

Parisian Bedroom Style

The bedroom has been inspired by Parisian home decor styles with whitewashed brick walls and a Boho styled bed. Ranaut’s bedroom features her favourite spot in the house: her reading nook. On the top shelf is a Charlie Chaplin artwork, a contemporary styled painting on the second shelf and a Colombian artwork in the third shelf adding colours and bold texts for a perfect ‘shelfie’. The antique bed overlooking the French styled windows with white curtains is nothing short of a dreamland of its own.

#WhatWeLoveTheMost: An eclectic shelf-cum-study table on a whitewashed brick wall, WITH quirky wall frames to add colour to the space is a budget-friendly decor idea we all could steal from RIGHT AWAY!

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#IdeasYouCanUse: What You Can Try Out At Your Own Home

  1. A gallery wall of framed photos and art, or one with curios put together is a great addition to the wall decor in your living room. In fact, the way Kangana has dressed up her walls in every room goes to show that it’s an easy way to uplift any room’s look!

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  1. Eccentrically placed chandeliers in the entrance lobby and living room (well, you could also do with hanging lights or a string of crystal lights)
  2. Have your entrance door painted a unique hue (like Kangana’s blue!) to make a statement before the guests have even entered your house!

Photos courtesy: Architectural Digest | Interior Designer: Richa Bahl

What did you think about Kangana’s home?

This is the third post in the series – Celebrity Home Tours Week on Urbanclap Homes! See the first two about Alia Bhatt & John Abraham’s houses here and here.

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