Earnings Index Benchmarking Report | UC Service Professionals vs Off the Platform Professionals

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In November 2021, we approached PGA Labs to conduct a study across service professionals associated with the Urban Company platform and those not associated with the platform. The study sought to understand the difference in earnings, livelihood and security net available among the two sets.

You can view the UC Earnings Index Benchmarking Report by PGA Labs to know more.

Below are the key findings of the study.

Salon Professionals

  • For the OND quarter, UC salon service partners had net earnings of ~INR 320 per hour which is ~4x times the net hourly income of offline beauticians.
  • Net monthly earnings of UC salon service partners is reported to be ~INR 29,000 is ~60% higher than offline beauticians.
  • Salon category partners at UC (~90 hours) work ~60% less in terms of monthly hours vs. the offline counterpart (~220 hours)
  • ~90% UC beauticians reported an increase in their monthly earnings owing to higher earnings per job & higher number of jobs per month
  • UC salon partners believe that UC has helped them in bridging the income gap between men and women to some extent. This boosts their confidence and encourages them to work more diligently.

Appliance Repair Technicians

  • UC technicians (~INR 470) earned more than four times per hour income compared to offline technicians (~INR 100) (salaried employees, shop owners, or freelancers)
  • Appliance repair technicians at UC (~80 hours) work ~65% less in terms of monthly hours vs. offline counterpart (~240 hours)
  • More than 60% of respondents have taken a loan at least once from UC; Before UC, technicians were not able to take loans from banks / NBFCs (citing low eligibility) and had to resort to private lenders
  • UC is instrumental in bringing insurance to all active service partners.

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