How Urban Company Can Help You Organize a Great Party

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Have you ever thrown a party? I have. It’s mostly been a near death experience. It’s stressful, expensive and tiring instead of being fun. But, it’s something we have to do. If we stop entertaining, people stop entertaining us, and then we just end up alone with our cats. Ok, that’s a bit dramatic, but do read on.

Here’s how you can sort the food and beverages for your upcoming party, be it a small weekend house party, or your 25th wedding anniversary celebrations with hundreds of guests. It’s still going to be stressful because UrbanClap won’t tell you who to invite and who not to. That stress unfortunately even the almighty will not be able to help you deal with, but a lot of the other hurdles UrbanClap will!

House party chefs on demand

Get someone to buy the groceries, make the menu, cook in your kitchen, have the food served and…wait for it… clean up! We’ve got some really budding and talented chefs who are professional yet passionate. Be it any cuisine, from Continental to Thai, Indian to Mediterranean, our chefs are ready to serve you. Those who’ve tried this service have raved about it.


Urmila recently hired a house party chef from Urban Company and she was very pleased with the outcome.

“It was my daughter’s first birthday, and we invited some friends and family. It wasn’t a big gathering, but I was tensed about the food arrangements. What cuisine should I finalize – Indian, Italian, Chinese? When, where and how much? That’s when my friend suggested UrbanClap. I answered a few simple questions about my requirements, and three chefs responded back to me with quotes and their profiles. I chatted with a couple and finalized someone who was in my budget. Our chef cooked up a sumptuous Indian meal for all my guests, and it just felt far more classy than ordering from a restaurant. Her personal attention to detail impressed everyone. And all this for just Rs. 550 per plate!”

For Urmila, more than anything, she got to be a part of her daughter’s celebration rather than running around trying to get dinner sorted. 

Party Caterers

What happens when you have a party of epic proportions? You get an epic head ache! The biggest one being… yes, the guest list. For the longer guest list, we would recommend hiring a seasoned caterer. The Urban Company team has worked hard to assemble a fine panel of caterers. Our caterers provide you with customized menus and take your individual preferences into consideration.


One of our customers, Sunil hired Vinod, a caterer on Urban Company, for his parent’s 50th anniversary. He was quite thrilled with the quality of the food and the fact that it fit his budget really nicely. He says –

“I first saw a few ads of Urban Company on Facebook, and decided to download the app to see if I can find a good caterer for my parent’s 50th anniversary. Although I hardly expected anything great, I was quite pleasantly surprised. Within minutes of placing my request, I got quotes from five caterers near me. I took my time to decide, setting up meetings with three of them, and going through every little detail. I wanted everything to be perfect. I really appreciated that all the caterers I interacted with were very polite, professional, and patient with me. Eventually, I choose Vinod, since he was not just in my budget, but also offered an interesting assortment of three different types of cuisines. It was perfect and flawlessly executed!”


I often judge parties on the quality of the drinks served. While many guests want the malts and scotches, sometimes there is nothing better than a well-stirred martini, and frankly, they’re not hard to make. But who’s going to make it? You? Sure, if you want to spend your entire evening behind the bar! But the good news is that for a small price (Rs. 1500 to 2500), you can get a great bartender who shakes up some really good cocktails. Nothing like throwing a bash with some decent mojitos, margaritas and martinis. Apart from being delicious to taste cocktails add a ton of fanfare to a gathering and thus catapulting the charm of the evening!


Nikola Sokolski, an Urban Company Partner from France who shifted base to Mumbai a couple of months back, tells us why having a bartender is quite necessary –

“Everyone has their preferences. Even serving plain water has to be thought through. Whether your guest would like it cold, luke warm or with ice. It goes a long way to take care of every minute detail for your guest. My customers love the details I get into. After all, the effort you put in serving great food should not be washed down with a bad drink!”

He is currently working with Pernod-Ricard India as a trendsetter and has all the enthusiasm it takes to make an event unforgettable!

We’ll come back with a few more tricks that we have up our sleeve to throw a stress-free party in our next blog, but just remember, having a party should as much fun for you as it is for your guests. We hope to be able to solve some common problems that people face while entertaining.

Our customers share their stories just so you can trust what we recommend. Write to us on [email protected]

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