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Have you ever looked at an old photograph and have had a flashing memory? Of the times gone by and the associated story. Pictures are a great way to not just capture a moment, but a series of moments that make that particular memory. One can always recall the story whilst looking at a photograph.


People have always acknowledged the importance of photographing special occasions. Weddings may be right on top of that list, but the list is quite illustrious. While we have spoken about how you can get those special moments captured, off late the trend of photo booth at events is becoming popular.

We spoke to an Urban Company partner Vivek Batra, who is an event photographer in Delhi and runs the successful PhotoBooth Delhi. Excerpts from the interview:

Q.1 Occasions like wedding, generally call for traditional photography. How do photo booths fit in that picture?

A.1 One can see a transition from the strictly traditional photography to creative captures. Candid photography is also a part of that shift in trend. Photographs have to tell a story, your story, well. Photo booths are a great way to put some spice in your photo album and also make for a fun story


Q.2 Would you recommend a photo booth for only those who want to have fun with their pictures?

A.2 No one wants to photograph a dull moment anyway. There is no dearth of photographers in the city to capture your moments. A photo booth is like a differentiator from the scores of albums that you have. Imagine a scenario where you are showing an album to anyone. You will only hold their interest if there are photographs in the album that feature them. A photo booth involves the viewer despite the absence of their photographs.


Q.3 Although the concept is fairly new, there is still no dearth of photo booths in the city. How do you differentiate?

A.3 We have an exclusive design team and a supplier who gives us props of great quality, so much so, that our customers like to buy the props that they have used. It is not difficult to buy them from the market or difficult to source them, but we focus on the creativity of the props and their quality. We also customize these props as per the client and the occasion.


Q.4 When you say customizing props, what are the events that a photo booth can be used in?

A.4 Anything from a baby shower, a wedding, a reception to a smaller get-together or birthday party. We recently did a college reunion which was a lot of fun


Q.5 Creativity – Check. Quality – Check. Service – Check. What about being cost effective?

A.5 Check! When you get great quality and service, you don’t mind paying the price. Fortunately, with us, you don’t really have to shell out a lot. You get all of it at a great price

Q.6 Why the association with Urban Company?

A.6 Isn’t that what Urban Company also stands for? Great quality and great service. Although my association with UrbanClap has recently started, I have got extremely lucrative leads from them.

Q.7 Have you been a part of celebrity weddings with your photo booths? Who was your favorite among them?



A.7 (Laughs) All my clients are like celebrities to me, at least that is how I treat them. But to answer your question, yes I have done high profile weddings and they have been fun. Ayushman Khurana brother’s wedding was a lot of fun.

Q.8 People who want to explore the idea of a photo booth for their events, what should they look forward to?

A.8 Photo booths are not just used for a great photograph but also to have fun. Letting your hair down and holding the props that best describe your mood. It is a great way to add the fun element to any event!



Let your pictures tell an entertaining story, one that is obvious to those who are not even a part of it. We sure have moved on from the cliché poses for the wedding photographs, let’s move on to something more…

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  1. I love photo booths….I think they are a great idea…wudv liked more pictures on this blog for prop ideas 🙂

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