7 Great Ideas For Your Bridal ‘Getting Ready’ Photos

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You’ve spent months planning your wedding, from organising caterers to agonising over the guest list. Now that the big day is finally here, it’s a given that you’d like to record every little moment as you make the transition, from girl-next-door to blushing bride.

Photography by Urban Company Partner: Indira Thakur

One of the most important (and much ignored) chapters of the journey is those precious hours just before the wedding, and if you’re serious about documenting your journey into a new phase of life, you should definitely plan to include some creative ‘getting-ready’ shots as part of your bridal photos. A good candid photographer should be able to capture all that nervous anticipation and excitement in the air, without even making his presence felt!

If you’re still unsure, or simply short on inspiration, we’ve come up with a list of ideas that’ll help you get the big picture!

1. Un-Tangled

If you’ve got locks to rival Rapunzel’s, then you must get a candid photo of the hairstyling process as your stylist puts your tresses in place.

Photography by Urban Company Partner: Priyanka Sachar

2. Flash Your Feet

It’s not all portrait photography; whether you want to reveal the full design, or show a demure glimpse of the ankle, complete with payals, the intricately detailed mehendi on your feet paints a pretty picture.

Photography by Urban Company Partner: Ankit Aggarwal

3. Make Me Up

Capture the glow on your face as your makeup artist gets to work!

Photography by Urban Company Partner: Priyanka Sachar

4. Beauty is in the Eye…

From the coy looks at the beginning, to the tearful bidaai, your eyes are going to get a lot of attention throughout the wedding ceremony. And, of course you’re going to want a shot as your eye makeup is being applied!

Photography by Urban Company Partner: Priyanka Sachar

5. A Jeweled Tale

Remember those long hours that you spent searching for that perfect pair of earrings? Well, a good photographer can bring out the story behind every piece of your bridal jewelry.

Photography by Urban Company Partner: Deepak Chauhan

6. To Veil Or Not To Veil

A bridal accessory that can add magic to your wedding albums, the veil completes your outfit to give you the perfect bridal photos.

Photography by Urban Company Partner: Tarun Jha Photography

7. The Finish Line

You’re all decked up now, but there’s still time for a quiet moment by yourself, before you step out.

Photography by Urban Company Partner: Deepak Chauhan

Finding the right guy couldn’t have been easy, and now you have to worry about hunting a great photographer too? Well, let us match you with the perfect photographer who’ll be with you every step of the way. Hire the best wedding photographers with Urban Company now!



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