6 Super Adorable Wedding Photographs Every 2017 Bride Needs to See

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Have you always thought wedding photography only meant shots of the ceremony, the couple, the décor, and the guests? Well, not anymore.

From bidding adieu to stiff-as-starch portraits in the wedding album to creating a unique Instagram hashtag solely for the big day, wedding photography in India has evolved to becoming less about the event and more about the couple. And, there’s not much that’s changed this year!

From cutesy pre wedding miniature portraits to colorful candids of the mehendi ceremony, this 2017 weddings are all about being fun, cute, and quirky.

That’s why we thought we’d put together the cutest and quirkiest pictures from our partner photographers to give you some inspiration! Check them out:

#1 You make my world spin

Photography by UrbanClap Partner: Namit Narlawar
Photography by Urban Company Partner: Namit Narlawar

We’re a little bit in love with this one. Who would have ever thought of getting an after-wedding photograph in a children’ park? Not only is the park the perfect place to bring out the playful aspect of their relationship, this candid shot brings a new meaning to sweeping her off her feet!

#2 I’ll be there for you…

Photography by UrbanClap Partner: Scintilight Creations
Photography by Urban Company Partner: Scintilight Creations

Whether it’s at the wedding ceremony or on a railway track! Did you always dream of your knight in shining armour to rescue you, but couldn’t fit it into your pre wedding shoot? No problem! Check out this quirky post-wedding shoot with a twist! This is a shot that every couple with a filmy soul should definitely get!

#3 Doli sajaake rakhna

Photography by Urban Company Partner: Anbu Jawahar

Do you think having a jazzy BMW for the vidaai is overrated? So does this couple! And the pretty bride sitting on the bonnet, while the groom drives her home in a jeep? Hum toh fan ho gaye! What about you?

#4 Taking the wheel

Photography by UrbanClap Partner: Memento Creative Services
Photography by Urban Company Partner: Memento Creative Services

Being driven around by hubby isn’t your thing? Time to switch seats and take the wheel like this sassy bride! We think they look adorable!

#5 And the golf cart!

Photography by UrbanClap Partner: Claude Loren
Photography by Urban Company Partner: Claude Loren

Well, it’s official. Brides are taking the wheel this season and the grooms better keep up with them! Seriously though, this is what we were speaking about. It’s time to bring out your wackiest selves in your wedding pictures!

#6 The rose petal shower

Photography by UrbanClap Partner: The Weddingraphers
Photography by Urban Company Partner: The Weddingraphers

Go on, dream a little dream. And then, go find wedding photographers from Urban Company who can make that picture perfect dream come true!

All the best 🙂


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