12 Innovative Ideas That Could Make Your Wedding Awesome

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We all dream of a wedding that will be etched in our memories for all the right reasons. It also gives us immense pleasure to know that the guests who turned up had fun at the wedding and remembered the small efforts put in. A simple “Where did you get your wedding band from?” or “Who did your decor?”, can make you beam with your choices of your special day.

You may have enough to take back from your wedding. After all it is YOUR special day. But wouldn’t you want your guests to take back their favourites too? Here are some easy ways you can make your wedding stand out:

1.Wedding Invite

I feel, creative wedding invites are the order of the day. I am bored of the golden cards with velvet pages that spell my last name and say nothing about the couple, except their names. They look like a needed formality where you spend a lot of money when it just takes practical sense to send an SMS of the address. Not to mention a standard format of what comes on the invite. Go creative! Let your invite give an insight on who you are and stay with your guest in their memories. Why turn up recycled when you can stay etched on their minds?


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2. Tell your story

Your invite gives the first peak into your story and happiness, tell it further with images. You can have vintage (or quirky) photo frames hanging at the entrance of the venue or maybe all over. It could be an image leading to another one. This is way better than the show reels on a Bollywood song that run on a giant screen, not to mention cost effective!


3.Make a grand entrance

I still remember my best friend sashaying into the wedding venue on the song “Haha Hawai”. I remember it because it was unusual for someone to come in on an upbeat number and yet it worked. Everyone had fun. There are a couple of videos where friends organise a flash mob dance performance to welcome the bride and the groom. Go for it and make it memorable! What-To-Expect-From-Your-Wedding-Planner_Inner_Pro_3

4.Mandap design

Invest in a nice mandap design. You could go all floral or even hand little danglers of couple images on it. Make it a little personal and beautiful.


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5.Wedding favours

Instead of going for the standard fruit baskets or food baskets, go for creative wedding favours packed nicely. From bath and makeup products to writing inspired confectionary, there are a host of ideas available.

Source: Shopify
Source: Shopify

6.Wedding mehendi

I know many women who are not fond of mehendi. Instead of grudgingly putting on one with disinterest, do something novel. Get a mehendi design along with nail art and hand art that accentuates your hand and your outfit. And hey, if you do want to go traditional, let others at your mehendi function go for it and you stand out with your traditional mehendi.



Indian weddings are an entertainment package in itself but why not add a spice more to the mix? Get a band or a popular DJ, a traditional dance or a troupe to give a nice choreographed performance that involves the guests later. You could also go for a nice skit that depicts your love life if its is an unusual one. The options available are plenty!

1) Nitish Arora 2



Traditional jewellery lights up an attire and the entire look. No arguments there! But who says you can’t go for something creative? Maang teekas, jhoomar or plait strings are a great option to make people take notice!



How many times have you seen the red bridal lehengas and the cream sherwani? Thousands? How about you go for something else? Go for fabrics and intricate embroidery that speak romance. From Jamdani work to Ikkat silks, the world of traditional embroidery is immense and beautiful. Each piece has a story that is unique and nothing better than having one for yourself.


10.Photo booths

We know it is not a new idea but we don’t see them in weddings enough?¬†Mehendi, house parties and family parties- yes! Why not weddings? Let your guests have some fun at the wedding too. You could also give them a personalised photo jacket with their image in it as part of the wedding favour.



Christian weddings generally work on a theme that can be seen across each and every thing that is related to wedding. Why not take a lesson? The consistency also ensures that your guests have a takeaway from the wedding. Pick a theme and a colour scheme and paint it across your entire wedding.



You are not charge of the decor of your wedding and your parents may just over look while the venue or a planner does the work. But who says you can’t share your beautiful ideas with them? Look up for ideas that can add that unique element to your wedding. One of my favourites is the flower bunch inside bulbs tied as a chandelier across the venue. Elegant and creative!


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