Top 10 Freelance Graphic Designers For That Irresistible First Impression

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Building your company’s identity starts with a thoughtful and creative design that evokes the right image in customers’ minds. The design is not only about creativity but it should also entice and persuade the customers. Hiring a good graphic designer provides branding consistency across every visual, customer-facing aspect of a business. They will come up with numerous creative solutions to communicate your products and services to your customers and will make your brand stand out in a crowded market. Having a distinct brand is the only way people are going to remember you and your business but small businesses mostly don’t have a lavish budget to spend on big graphics designing firms and hence their business is not able to convey the correct message to the audience. Without a good visual representation, no business can create an impact on the customer’s mind. Today we have come up with a list of ten freelance graphic designers with modern designing skills are praised in the design circles. They aren’t hefty on your pocket and will definitely make your brand memorable.

1. Manmohan Singh

Based in Noida, he is a professional freelance graphic designer specializing in graphic logo design and stunning Print & Web Design. He has been in love with colors, shapes, and letters for more than six years now. Having worked in both design and agency environments, he knows about each and every aspect of design and helps the companies communicate their products and services to their customers in an interesting and creative way. Right now he works as a freelance graphic designer and has completed more than 30 projects creating distinct brands every time with an engaging banner, memorable logo or an amazing company brochure.

Specialization: Logo designing, Business cards, Brochure designing.

2. Heena Nagpal

Heena is a talented graphic designer who has bagged the title of a professional at a young age. She completed her graduation from Banasthali University and started working as a visual communication designer. The fact that with just two years experience in the field of graphic design she has worked with big firms such as Indian, 24*7, Polaris Mayur Suitings, Reliance, Intex etc holds testimony to her unparalleled mastery of graphic design techniques. She also inspires a bunch of budding graphic designers with her short story of immense success. Whatever your requirement might be excellence and creativity is her stronghold and it reflects in all the work done by her.

Specializations: Graphic Design, Logo designs, Banners, Print designs, Digital Graphics, Branding, Web Design, App Design and much more.

3. Anuj Kumar

He is a star graphic designer with more than seven years experience in this field. He has the knowledge of various software and provides the customers with out of the box and visually appealing designs. Satisfaction of the clients is his prime area of concern and he puts his entire knowledge and hard work to tailor-make designs to suit the reflections of the customer.

Specialization:  Logo Design, Web design, Banners, Stationery Design, Brochure/Flyer Design,  Print Design.

4. Manisha Jain

She not only creates designs but she provides creative landmarks that stand the test of time. She likes to explore the unexplored avenues in the world of design and that’s the reason why all her designs stand out and are unique. She has two years of experience but her knowledge and expertise is limitless.

Specialization:  Logo Design, Illustration, Web design, Visiting cards, Poster design, Brochure/Flyer Design, Print Design.

5. Mohammad Jasim

He has a unique aesthetic & designing sense and has worked in different industries and for variety of clients which has helped him build his showcase of vivid creative works. He has more than six years of experience in this field and has a wide range of creative illustration and graphic design expertise. You can contact him for any kind of graphic design requirement and he’ll definitely boost your firm employing his talent, creativity and skill.

Specialization: Logo designing, Boxes design, Brochure designing, Stationary and Print design.

6. Harpal Singh

Graphic designing is not just a profession to him but it’s a passion which helps him create masterpieces for your satisfaction. He has crafted designs for all the major industries like CPG, Telecom, Hospitality, Healthcare etc and can take your businesses to new pinnacles.  He holds a Diploma in Computer Application degree and has more than 7 years of expertise in this field. He has completed 50 + specialization and is currently dubbed the King of the Design world. You can contact him for any design requirement.

Specialization: Logo designing, Boxes design, Brochure designing, Stationary and Print design, Illustration, Visiting cards, Brochure/Flyer Design and many more.

7. Mukesh Rawat

Based in Delhi he is a freelance designer who considers that design is not just few Photoshop tricks put together but is a divine creative process. He is a creative graphic designer who understands his client’s requirements quite well and delivers the service with promised quality and date. His designs, as his clients share are the reason why brands pop with a unique edge to them. Mukesh’s goal is to ensure that the brand is well communicated through all forms of media.

Specialization: Logo designing, Web design, Brochure designing, Print design, Brochure/Flyer Design.

8. Sachin Sharma

He specializes in professional and customized graphics designing, corporate stationary design, business card design etc and has worked as an Official Designer for MTB Himalaya Challenge 2011. A little sneak-peek into his talent and expertise- he has launched 8 Apps and has modeled 30 new complete game designs for iOS & Android. He has also worked with a team led by Warner Brother’s Licensee and has done Scripting and Storyboards for a movie and three music videos as well. Lauded to be an invaluable asset to a company’s corporate communications department by his clients, their rave reviews build confidence to hire Sachin.

Specialization:  Logo Design, Illustration, storyboarding, Visiting cards, Scripting, Poster design, Brochure/Flyer Design, Print Design.

9. Dhruv Narelia

He is a creative designer specialized in designing logos as well as merchandise designing like phone covers, laptops, skins, mugs etc. Dhruv here belongs to the “quirk party” of the designing world and is known to have come up with flashy ideas for merchandise like mugs, phones, laptop skins, T-shirts etc. He is good with editing images as well as retouches and can definitely help your company convey its message effectively.

Specialization: Graphic Design- phone covers, laptop skins, mugs etc.

10. Mohita Kaul

She is a young and vibrant professional graphic designer with experience and knowledge that can help build your company’s reputation. She is adept in all kinds of design work and delivers unique and creative design as per your company’s requirement. Her enthusiastic and unique work nature is displayed in his designs which are always aimed to be unique and outstanding.

Specialization: Logo Design, Web design, Print, Illustration, Visiting card etc.

So, as you plan your marketing materials and website, remember that you’ll need a graphic designer to make sure it is presented, designed and produced in the best possible way – one that grabs the attention of your audience and helps to drive forward those conversions! These graphic designers will not only help you with your branding strategy but they’ll also help you create a coherent and a hard hitting brand and will help you create a strong impression in your customer’s mind.

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