Importance of Graphic Design in New Age Media

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Graphic design presents your products and services in a visually creative way using colors, typography and images to your customers. As all of us today are bombarded by digital and traditional advertisements via emails, internet ads, newspapers and magazines, the pressure on graphic design has increased tremendously. Among the other things, the graphics, or rather the use of good graphics in advertisements, has become both a hygiene factor as well as a differentiating factor.

A good graphic design strategy will help you express your message along with achieving the following objectives:

  1. Impactful Brand Communication

A good graphic design establishes a strong image of the company and earns instant respect from customers. Let’s take the example of Deloitte. In 2003, Deloitte chose the green dot as its logo. This green dot represents everything that Deloitte is and the way the company uses this symbol to represent its values is a perfect example of brilliant graphic design. Quoting the company’s website “Stakeholders see a green dot today and think Deloitte and vice versa”. Another example is that of Amazon. Their A to Z logo depicts a very powerful message – Everything from A to Z is now available to you at Amazon.

  1. Attracts people

Seeing is always better than reading. The attention span of an average person is really low, just 8 seconds! In such a short time, only a great design can capture and retain customers. A great design will make your reader take notice and absorb the message more easily than reading hundreds of words explaining the same thing.

  1. Purchase Decision

As mentioned at the start of this article,  good graphics help you stand out from your competition. Good graphics provide your products the credibility and inspires trust in potential customer. The trust in turn enables them to make the decision to try your product. This decision involves, at its most basic level, taking the risk of leaving their usual brand and trying out something new. The presence of good graphics helps make that decision simpler for your customers.

The art of graphic design thus plays a crucial role for a business. Using effective graphic designs to advertise for your product creates a unique identity for it. The next time someone mentions your company’s name, your customers will instantly remember you by your design or logo. By becoming unforgettable, your product will also become irreplaceable for your customers.

While using good graphic designs can increase the outreach of your product, a bad design can completely ruin your brand image. Hence, if you want people to respect your brand you must pay careful attention towards creating better graphic designs for advertising your products. If you don’t have an internal design team, you can hire graphic designers from Urban Company.


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