10 Dos And Don’ts of CCTV Camera Installation At Hotels

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We as a species have always wanted shelter and security, may it be the stone age or today’s modern world. A sense of security is a must in every home or hotel and CCTV cameras are a big part of that process. The sense of security that they provide is unmatched. CCTV’s which were once limited to hotel elevator cameras have become a necessity for all hotels, bars, restaurants, and cafés. In this post, we will discuss the many Pointers to look out for while installing CCTvs in hotels.

Benefits of CCTV cameras in Hotels

Before we jump into telling you what to look out for CCTVs in hotels, let us remind you why you need CCTvs in hotels at all in the first place.

  1. CCTV cameras help curb unwanted access like that of intruders and uncategorised customers to hotel facilities like spa, pool or Gym etc.
  2. 24/7 surveillance facilities of entry and exit areas help restrict trespassers from entering the premises.
  3. CCTV cameras installed in service corridors and storage areas help to keep track of employees and restrict any unauthorized activity from guest or employees. Along with restricting unethical activities it also develops a sense of self-policing in the presence of CCTV cameras which reduces a lot of unruly conduct and complications.
  4. The presence of CCTV cameras in hotel parking, corridors and entrances give a sense of security to the guest. This has become a major selling point in hotels today as people tend to move to hotels who enlist security as their main priority.
  5. One of the key features of CCTV cameras is to record footage. These footage play a key role in evading fraud lawsuits against the hotel and gather evidence in investigations. In case of in-house charges, CCTV camera footage help prove hotel claim or accusations against guests and in case of criminal investigations help the police gather evidence.

In more than one way CCTV surveillance has become indispensable to hotel security and can not be easily replaced. But at the same time, it’s important to remember that this is a double-edged sword. Where people require complete security, they also crave privacy. On the one hand, guest want complete assurance of their safety and security, while on the other hand, they don’t want to see oppressive security measures and intrusive surveillance.

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8 Questions To Answer Before Installing CCTVs

Now that we have refreshed you about why you need CCTVs, here we pose a few questions that you need to keep in mind before purchasing your security system.

  1. Where in your hotel theft is most common?
  2. Which are the areas you wish you could capture on tape?
  3. Is the neighborhood around the hotel conducive to crime and theft?
  4. What kind of guests do you receive?
  5. What is your property layout?
  6. Is it a Cottage style property?
  7. Does it have a single building which houses all its rooms and amenities or has more than one building for different purposes?
  8. Does the hotel have a history of employee theft, guest criminal cases, or legal cases pending?

The questions above help determine the quality and level of security that you will need. Usually, hotels with low-risk environments require basic surveillance security and those in danger zones have a high priority security system.

This is not always the case as it also depends on the guests the hotel cater. Bussiness hotels in comparison to luxury hotels or best value hotel have a higher aptitude for security.

Bussiness hotels require a closed network surveillance system which can take care of sensitive information and give complete privacy to its guests.

Dos and don’ts of CCTV installation

The do’s in this section are your go-to suggestions for the maximum utilization and best establishment of your CCTV network.

  1. Place at least two cameras at the entrance and exit gate. So, that you can get a clear view of the people entering and exiting the hotel.
  2. Install cameras in all open areas of the hotel which is accessible by all the guests like the pool, park, lobby, service corridor, loading dock, service exit, and stairs. Stairs and service exit are most commonly left out of the surveillance system as they are considered place less visited or used by the guest. But this is where most systems fail as in most cases these become grounds for suspicious activities.
  3. CCTV cameras are important in rooms which store safe deposit boxes, money or sensitive information as these are the places which have the most chances of theft. Though not regularly followed, it is advised to have hidden cameras in these locations because in most cases criminals find a way to avoid detection once they know where the camera is installed.
  4. CCTV security network should be developed all around the hotel from every angle to protect the hotel from the neighborhood and unauthorized access.

Don’ts of CCTV installation: The Don’ts majorly focuses on measures to prevent infringement of privacy. In this network of CCTV cameras and cyber-security, privacy has become a major concern.

  1. According to the hotel security and camera law, hotel room surveillance is illegal. So, avoid installing cameras in rooms, you can install them in corridors so that you know who went into the room and when.
  2. Don’t be swayed by the sales pitch, always opt for security systems which use Category 5 or Category 6 twisted pair cables. Outdated tech is prone to hacking, so it’s advised to have the latest.
  3. Don’t waste your budget on Pan Tilt Zoom cameras, hoping to cover a large area with zoom. It is not true nor is it efficient.
  4. Don’t mount all your cameras on your on the ceiling or 15 feet walls. The height of the camera prevents you from getting a good look at faces.
  5. Avoid installing cameras in angles which could capture images inside a bathhouse, washroom, spa or massage center on the hotel premises.

There are a lot of do’s and don’t to hotel security but this will give you a basic lay of the land.Technology is moving leaps and bounds every year and it’s important to keep your system updated to beat the competition.

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