11 Benefits of Night Vision CCTV Cameras for Restaurants and Caterers

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Benefits of night vision cctv camera

If you are a foodie, then exploring new restaurants must be a big part of your life and your ticket to immense satisfaction for “Food is not for body, it is for soul”. Going by the stats, according to a survey by Franchise India, 34% of the people dine out two to three times a week while 37% eat once in a week, while 12% love to eat daily at a restaurant.

Today, restaurants and caterers face numerous challenges like employee turnover, coming up with new themes to cater to changing taste of the customers and maintain a high customer base and most importantly maintaining safety and security. Therefore, they need to be very much alert to handle conditions like theft, controlling wastage by employees, money laundering or suspicious financial transactions by the department, especially at nights because that is the tick of the clock that awakes the anti socials.

Night visions CCTV serve a very important purpose. They are the eyes that never blink. This security system has special functionality that makes it different from all other security systems. These CCTVs camera comes in several modes like recording only, recording with sound effect and so on.

Here is how they help restaurants and caters lower accidents:

1) A clear vision in darkness:

Some CCTVS work only at daylight. But this does not go with food places especially in metro cities where people are fond of dining at last quarter of clock. So, with night vision CCTV darkness is not a problem. They record everything at places and time with dim light also.

2) Easy to use

They can be used and handled by anyone. It doesn’t need an expert to sit in a remote cabin and operate it. A layman can also work with it to ensure security.

3) Central monitoring:

Through such CCTVs, owners can have the live feed from any camera, in any branch, at any time. In case the restaurant has outlets at different places, the head quarter has the monitoring of all the outlets and has eye on every place.

4) Transferable feed:

The recording by camera can be immediately transferred into disk and can be shared immediately. This helps a lot in having a backup of the past and helping in solving any case of non-essential circumstances.

5) Easy to install:

It is very simple and uncomplicated to install this security system. Even a small-scale eating store can have this security system, so that they are not worried about security and intensify on other important issues.

6) Prevent employee theft of product:

To avoid any theft, it is better to discourage from one happening. Theft of products, be it an eatable one or some kind of other accessory in a restaurant can happen in countless number of ways, and sometime it is nearly impossible to spot all of it in the moment. Example to this is incidences like employee taking the last two doughnuts one day at the end of working hours may not be spotted. Security cameras can deter theft, but also allow you the information you need to spot it and correct the problem. When they know that there is a camera at their workplace, they are less likely to steal and you are more likely to catch even if they do.

7) Prevent over-pouring:

It can be tempting to over pour to lure the customers when doing so can result in higher tips. The best way to combat this problem is by always having an eye on employees serving at the tables and bar.

8) Aiding in customer bickering:

Fights are common in crowded restaurants, especially ones with bars. Restaurant security cameras can help reduce fights, and in the event of violence, help police identify the responsible parties.

9) Curb sexual harassment issues:

The number of sexual harassment claims reported to the Equal Opportunity Commission has reached nearly 10,00 cases annually, the number of events are likely much higher. The monetary benefits paid each year as a result of sexual harassment claims is in excess of $43 million. This is a very sensitive issue, which can come up with employees or customer or between any of them. Because of harassment cases all evolving over the world and the high protest against it, any such case in any restaurant can highly meteorite the places goodwill. Using surveillance cameras can help curb the incidence, and provide evidence so you can formulate a response.

10) Boost productivity:

Studies show that security cameras in the workplace can help boost productivity significantly. Not only does it motivate employees, it means management can spend less time monitoring as the task of security is being managed by the cameras, so they can spend more time doing other more beneficial tasks.

11) Reduce workplace clash:

To motivate employees, only good salary and boosting them by appreciating is not the only means. The key lies in making them believe that their workplace is safe and quiet without any chance of violence. In 2011, 17 percent of fatal work injuries were the result of workplace violence. That’s about 780 fatal work injuries a year. Surveillance in the workplace discourages acts of violence and aids law enforcement in solving crime.

Therefore, one can easily come to agree that night vision CCTVs are spearheading the revolution to achieve complete security and safety at restaurants. It has now become an imperative feature that no establishment can ignore. Hope the restaurants take night vision cameras seriously and build a safe resort for more foodies.

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