Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

In the last few years, I have read about the various benefits of laser hair removal. But it was tough to believe that one could achieve flawless skin without going through painful hair removal methods. 

Thanks to my genes, my hair grows quite fast. The irony is that most of it is unwanted and I have to get it removed time and again. But the tiny hair on the jawline bothers me the most. Getting the chin and jawline waxed is really painful and I have to endure this pain every 20-25 days. Once I was expressing my frustration to a friend, “ You know, someone had told me that getting the face waxed on a regular basis will eventually reduce the hair growth. It’s been a year of regular waxing, and I still don’t observe any reduction in my hair growth. How much longer do I have to wait for that firm and glowing facial skin? Should I try face razors now?”

My friend shrugged me off saying, “ No!! No!! Don’t do that. You will have to shave your face every 4-5 days and it will also make your pores prominent.” She suggested, “Why don’t you try laser hair removal? I got it done for my underarms and now I am so happy with the results that I will get it done for my chin and side locks too”

She enlightened me about the various benefits of laser hair removal. Lasers are an effective and permanent alternative for unwanted hair removal. While removing hair, lasers minimize the pores, even out the skin and leave it flawless. Not just that, there are many more laser hair reduction benefits, and here I am sharing all of them in detail. 

10 Benefits of Laser Hair Removal treatment

The advantages of laser hair removal are umpteen, and here we discuss the top 10 amongst them. 

  • Permanent Solution To Unwanted Hair

In the permanent hair removal process, the laser beam targets the hair follicles and gradually makes them ineffective. Once treated, hair does not grow from the hair follicles. Thus, one of the primary diode laser hair removal benefits is that you can permanently get rid of your unwanted hair. 

  • Painless Treatment

Waxing is a painful process for obvious reasons and shaving becomes painful because of the cuts. On the contrary, the benefits of hair removal by laser are many. And one of the biggest ones is that it is painless. During laser hair removal, a cooling gel is applied on the skin. In addition to this, Urban Company uses diode lasers with ice-cool technology which makes  the entire process painless. 

  • Too Precise To Be Missed

During waxing or shaving, one can easily miss some spots. It is only when you step out of the shower, you realise that the back of the calf or a corner of the underarm was left out.  One of the benefits of laser hair reduction is that the laser treatment is very precise. And, you cannot ignore the benefits of laser hair removal on the face because it precisely removes all the hair in a particular area. 

  • Good Bye Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair is a real problem for people who have been waxing and shaving their unwanted hair. Sometimes it turns infectious and painful too. But not with lasers. Laser hair reduction benefits the people who have a high tendency of ingrown hair. It removes the hair follicles and hence, uproots the ingrown hair altogether.

  • Budget Friendly

The upfront cost of laser hair removal might look high but when you account for all the trips to the salon and the waxing or shaving done at home, the cost would even out in a couple of years only. And imagine, you get to enjoy the benefits of laser hair reduction for a lifetime!! Urban Company offers some amazing trial sessions and bundled packages at exciting offers. Thus, you can enjoy long term laser hair removal benefits for skin at affordable prices that too from the comfort of your home. 

  • Low Maintenance

One of the benefits of laser hair reduction is also that it results in almost 95% hair reduction. After that, depending on your skin type and hair re-growth cycles, you may or may not require yearly follow-ups. These come at a nominal cost as compared to the recurring cost of waxing or shaving.

  • Saves Time

Laser hair removal sessions are short as compared to alternative methods of hair removal. For small areas like the chin, upper lips the time taken is just 20-30 minutes. For a full body, the prescribed time of laser hair removal is 1-1.5 hours. This is nothing as compared to the time spent on waxing and shaving every month. 

  • Beautiful Skin Inside Out

Laser hair removal does not just remove hair but reduces the dark spots on the skin too. You must appreciate the benefits of facial hair removal for a smooth looking skin. The hair follicles beneath the skin results in dark spots and open pores too. The laser hair removal not just destroys these hair follicles but shrinks the open pores too, giving a smooth and glowing skin. 

  • Convenient 

Laser therapy removes the hair permanently and it will save all the time you would have spent in grooming yourself and removing the unwanted hair. The benefits of laser hair removal is that it saves you from bothering about shaving or waxing every time you step out. After laser therapy you can fearlessly choose the dresses without worrying about the hair growth.  Just to add to that convenience, the Urban Company offers the best laser hair removal services at home only. Now no more worries of stepping out of home and rushing to the laser clinic. 

  •  Absolutely Safe

With the advancements in technology, laser hair removal has become very safe. People with sensitive skin or dark skin can also avail the laser hair removal treatment benefits without worrying about its side effects on the face or any other part of the body. So, bid good bye to all the razor cuts or waxing rashes. 

Now you can also avail the benefits of laser hair removal with trial sessions at Urban Company. We provide the safest and the best laser hair removal service. Try our sessions and you won’t regret your decision.



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