Winter Skin Care Tips

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Scaly skin, chapped lips and dry hair are just some of the unwanted gifts that winter brings along. While the cold and dry weather outdoors leaves your skin feeling parched, indoor heat also depletes moisture to cause more dryness. Thus, you must pay attention to winter skin care to keep your skin soft and healthy in cold weather.

Though sitting by a roaring fire brings you much needed warmth, it dries out your skin and can lead to chapped lips and a dry throat. Similarly, taking a hot shower is a relaxing and therapeutic way to warm up in winter, but it also dries your skin out by stripping it of its natural oils.

winter skin care

Thankfully, there are many simple ways to combat the causes of dry winter skin. You can do so by following a winter skin care routine by following the tips mentioned below. For example, after taking a hot shower, make sure to use the best moisturizer for winter to restore your skin’s softness.  

Read on to learn about essential winter skin care tips that you need to follow to make your skin soft and supple throughout winter – 

Avoid Hot Showers

Even though a hot shower is extremely comforting during cold weather, it dries out your skin and hair. Try to bathe in warm water to avoid dry skin in winter.

Use A Humidifier

Cold, dry air sucks out the moisture from your skin, causing dullness, dryness, flaking, and premature aging. Humidifiers add back moisture to skin and to air, thus preventing all these harmful effects to help maintain that healthy,

Use Winter Skin Care Products

Cold weather aggravates dry skin in winter. Make sure to use the best moisturizer for winter to avoid dryness. As the temperature and humidity levels are lower during this season, the products you use in summer might not work. Thus, it is essential to use the right winter skin care products.

You can also try these winter skin care home remedies for dry skin

Stay hydrated

Dehydration is also a cause of dry skin. As we don’t feel very thirsty during winter, our water consumption is reduced. The likelihood of dehydration is accelerated in cold weather. This is because as the air we breathe is drier and our lungs have to work harder. Therefore, you need to stay hydrated to avoid dry skin in winter. 

Lip care

Avoid licking your lips as this will dry them out further. Use a good lip balm and apply it several times during the day. This will prevent dry and chapped lips in winter. 

Hand Care

Use a moisturizing hand soap to help counteract the drying effects of soap. Avoid washing hands with lukewarm water instead of very hot water. Use a moisturizing hand cream to avoid dry hands. 

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