12 Ways To Deal With Waxing Pain by Making It Less Torturous

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how to make waxing legs less painful

Not just puberty hit teenagers, even middle-aged women find it tough to come to terms with waxing. After all who would endure all that pain? Even though shaving can cause infections, ingrown hairs, double the density and even double the hairs, it is still painless. It is pretty obvious that no one wants to withstand such torture just to have flawless skin. But concentrate again on the downfalls of shaving. Now, what if we tell you that we have 12 Tricks To Tackle Waxing Pain? Read on to know how waxing doesn’t need to be necessarily painful!

1. Chilling In Bikini

While addressing the pubic hair in your bikini area, understand that the skin there is much sensitive that the skin on your hands. Even though you have smeared a tester on your hand to check the heat, it is always better to let the wax cool a little more before you apply it. If not, there are dangers of burnt skin and even peeled off skin.

2. Stay Clear Of Scent

Beware that scents and fragrances contain significant amounts of astringent and alcohol. They give out the after lying musk for every spray. They can also be your biggest foe when you have freshly waxed. The skin is yet very raw and sensitive and a drizzle of such scents can give you heightened irritation. It might even peel your skin.

stay clear of scent before waxing

3. Get Hold Of Yourself

While any waxing, especially during Brazilian waxing, right before the aesthetician rips off the wax, hold your skin taut. Stretch it as much as possible. This will expand the pores of the follicles and allows easy exit of the hairs when compared to compressed pores.

4. Start Small

Sectionalize the parts of your skin to very very tiny bits. The maximum width of each swab can be not more than one inch and the length cannot be more than three inches. Make more such sections and apply wax. Understand that smearing a large quantity of wax on your body especially if you are a novice will make it very dry and hard to pull, equating to excruciating pain. Also, it will not remove the hair from the follicles so there is a danger of irritable ingrown hairs.

5. Stop Shaving

Shaving has its set of horrors. The hair grows faster and even thicker. Cases have been where two hairs have grown out of one pore. This needs to stop once you begin to wax. Waxing ensures that the hair growth is slower and less dense than previous growth. But if you shave again, you will disturb the cycle that your hair is getting used to. The hairs need to be accustomed to be waxed and reduce their regrowth time. You need to allow them to develop their own pattern and not shave.

stop shaving

6. Refrigerator Diaries

Choose a moisturizer, not too heavy, quite light and has a soothing effect on your skin. We suggest that this better be Aloe Vera based or even cucumber based. Put this bottle in the fridge overnight before waxing and apply it as soon as you pull off the wax. The cooling agents will reduce the burning sensation.

7. Aloe Love

Alternatively, gouge out the Aloe Vera gel form the stems and refrigerate it overnight. You can choose cucumbers too. These natural coolants can be applied directly on the waxed skin as soon as you rip the wax off. These will have a soothing effect to battle the irritation caused in the most natural way.

aloe vera & cucumber

8. Pain Reliever

Even though it sounds like a medical tryst, taking over-the-counter painkillers can help. OTC pills like Advil, aspirin, ibuprofen should be taken half an hour prior to the waxing session to alleviate pain while in process. They may not eliminate pain completely but can minimize it.

pain relief pills

9. Cold Compress Saviors

If you are out there with an aesthetician who will rip the wax of your skin and that too for the first time, ask her to arrange for a cold compress. Put this on the waxed area as soon as the wax is ripped off. This will minimize the pain as it will numb the burning sensation until it passes.

10. Wash Dead Skin

Layers of dead skin must have mounted up and might trap your hair from being pulled away. The longer your hair take to pull the more painful it gets. Many beauticians suggest exfoliating skin that has to be waxed prior to the waxing session to remove the layers of dead cells and the hair can be pulled off from the follicles without much pain.

11. Size Matters Much

The length of your hair to be removed decides the pain you will endure. Longer the hair more the pain and sadly, shorter the hair, more the pain too! But we suggest you a mid-ground, ensure that the hair is exactly quarter an inch. Less than that, the hair will be too small for the wax to hold on to and your epidermis might be ripped. Longer than that, the wax might only remove the hair superficially and leave the roots to develop ingrown hairs. Trim the hair if it is longer or wait for it to grow if it is shorter.

12. Go Decaf

We all love some coffee to kickstart our day because it kicks our senses alive. It essentially shoots our nerve endings and makes us receptive. But if you take in coffee right before you wax your body, your spiked nerve endings will end up receiving pain more than usual. Instead, hydrate yourself. Your body will plump up with water and the pores of hair might open thus reducing the pain.

hydrate yourself before waxing

On a note of conclusion, understand that these tips cannot eliminate pain but can minimize it or even make your senses numb o that you do not register much of it. No pain no gain applies to beauty too. Also, try all of these tricks and get hold of what suits your skin better and keep following it consistently.


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