Top 5 Manicure Tips and Tricks For Beautiful Nails

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“Life is not perfect, but your nails can be.”- And when your nails are perfect then everything seems perfect! On that happy note this is a shout out to all the ladies out there who are worried about how to do their nails perfectly. We have heard you! And here we are bringing to you some easy manicure tips and best of hacks, bet you are going to love it.

1. What comes first?

The best manicure can be achieved when you have all the essentials tools by your side, so remember to keep all the manicure essentials like, nail polish remover, nail clippers, cuticle pusher, cuticle remover, base coat, hand moisturizer and of course nail polish handy. Now, it is important for you to clean your nails before your manicure, start by removing previously applied nail polishes with your nail polish remover after that follow any one of the methods of nail cleaning according to your suitability-

  1. Firstly it is very important to soften your nails before you actually start with your manicure, for that soak your hand in a bowl of 1/4th bath oil and 1/4th part of lukewarm water, this solution will work like magic and lighten your skin by removing all the dirt’s and soften your skin! The added advantage is the pleasant aroma of the nurturing oil which will enrich your experience! manicure at home
  2. If you are short of time you can definitely follow this method!-Dab a little amount of Vaseline on a piece of cotton ball and rub your nails and around it gently. You can also create a line around your nails with some Vaseline so that when you paint your nails you can wipe off the messed up parts around your nails easily.
  3. Also, another effective way to clean your really dirty nails is with a brush and some amount of toothpaste! This can really help to clean the stained patches on your nails inside-out.

2. The second step:

Just after you finish cleaning your nails, select the type of nail shape you want to sport! It can be-

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Square
  • Stiletto
  • Squoval
  • Almond
  • Edge manicure at home

Accordingly clip the nails into the desired shape! After you clip your nails with help of the cuticle pusher push the cuticles gently backward. Remember- not to push your cuticles hard because that might damage your skin and at the same stunt nail growth! For the free edges nip the cuticles with cuticles nipper very gently.

3. Moisturizing – is the next step

Once you are done with the trimming part, go for a good moisturizing and pamper your nails and cuticles with a very rich moisturizer (and if you have an oily skin opt for a gentle moisturizer) this will keep your skin hydrated and healthy. End the moisturizing part with two coats of transparent nail polish or commonly known as base coats this will help to keep your manicure to stay longer, protect your nails and keep them healthy!

manicure at home

Pro tip– In case you do not have a good moisturizer go ahead with your oil, that too is quite beneficial (but remember this tip is not for oily skin)

4. Painting time!

We all can agree that this is the most adventurous and exciting part! Often you are successful but every now and then, you fail and it gets on your nerves! – We are here to help you with some very easy and executable tips!

  • After painting your nails with desired and even coats of colours, get ready with your sleek nip gel pens to do the subtle art on them!
  • For your favourite polka dots effect- after you paint your nails, use the flat head of small pins or the heads of matchsticks, dip the head in another colour different from what you have painted your complete nail with, put dots all over you nail. For the same polka dots you can also use the perforated part of band-aid, just randomly apply paint over the band-aid with a colour and the impression that will be created will be of perfect dots!
  • Different geometrical shapes on your nail can be achieved with help of tapes. Block the part accordingly as you apply paint and you will definitely enjoy the outcome!
  • If you have the fishnet stocking lying somewhere in your house just pull them out because using them your nails can bring out great designs! After you are done with covering your nail with one set of colors, place the fishnet stocking on your nails and randomly apply the coat of color- the outcome is marvelous. Just give it a try and get amazed!
  • And then there is always the classy way of applying just two-three coats of one color in an even way and you are good to go! manicure at home [Also Read: 10 Prettiest Nail Polish Colors To Rock This Winter]

5. Finally, it’s done!

After you painting your nails you need to dry them but remember to not use a hairdryer for drying the paint. Keep them under fan but not too near to the fan for that may create bubbles.

Pro tip– a) Once nail painting is done, place your hand under running water this will help your paint to settle on your nails and will last longer!

b) If you are in hurry, dip your just painted nails in ice cold water, it’ll dry up in a jiffy.

Once you are done with painting and drying your nails, reapply the moisturizer on your hands and nails for this will help to retain the moisture and keep your hands supple and soft.

So ladies now you are good to go with these simple yet helpful tips! It is essential to take care of your hands, keeping them clean and manicured hands helps to showcase your personality and creates good impression. Hope the next time you sit for a manicure, you will find it easier and have a lot of new trendy options to decorate your beautiful hands and to pamper yourself with!

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