Simple Makeup Tips | How to Use One Lipstick for Your Full Makeup Look

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Read this post if:

  • You have only one red or pink lipstick in your makeup bag
  • You are bored with your daily liner+gloss look
  • You have never heard of ‘Monochrome Makeup’
  • You’re looking for lipstick hacks and simple makeup tips
  • You like watching makeup tutorials but need help applying makeup
  • You want to find out this ultimate lipstick hack t



There are special (and sudden) Friday evenings when we want to go beyond eyeliners and gloss. But all we have in the makeup pouch is the usual red or pink lipstick. Now you could choose to this the usual way:  Wear that lipstick, re-apply the eyeliner, and finish the look with the gloss, and look the way you for most evening outings.


You could spend an extra 2 minutes using that one lipstick to do an easy monochrome look that’s all the rage now.

What the Monochrome Makeup Look Is

In a nutshell, the monochrome look is just a fancy way of calling a makeup look that uses just one color. For example, in a coral monochrome look, you will be wearing coral lipstick, coral eyeshadow, and blush. These can be of different tints and shades. You can use one lipstick for your lips, lids, and cheeks, to similar effect.  



The Ultimate Lipstick Hack – How to Do a Simple Makeup Look with Just One Lipstick


What you need is…

  1. Your favourite lipstick
  2. A basic makeup brush to blend

What you need to do is…

  • Step #1. Apply the lipstick on your lips, first.
  • Step #2. Dab the lipstick on your cheeks. Follow the natural line of your cheekbones as a guide. 
  • Step #3. Dab some lipstick on your eyelids too.
  • Step #4. Next, use your fingers to spread the color. It will look blotchy at this point.
  • Step #5. Use a make brush to even out the color. Keep blending till the lines look smooth.
  • Step #6. Apply your liner and gloss, and you’re done!



Style Guide for Monochrome Makeup Looks

Most of these looks have used a blush, eyeshadow, and lipstick. However, now that you’ve learned the art of the one-lipstick makeup look, you can easily substitute the eyeshadow and blush in these monochrome looks below.

Muted Copper Monochrome look on a dark skin tone



Mauve monochrome look on a medium skin tone



Bright pink monochrome on dusky skin


Soft pink monochrome look on light skin


Brown monochrome makeup look for most skin tones


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