All You Need to Know About Cartridge Waxing

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Urban Company recently launched the Smart Roll-on Wax or Cartridge Wax in India and since many are are curious to know more about it, we decided to put all the information in one place, just for you.

roll-on wax

So, in this post, we will cover the following topics:

  1. What is Roll-on wax or Cartridge wax
  2. Benefits of Roll-on wax or Cartridge wax
  3. Difference between Roll-on wax (or Cartridge wax) & Normal wax
  4. Cost of waxing services at UrbanClap (now Urban Company)

Let’s decode them one-by-one.

What is Roll-on wax or Cartridge wax?

roll-on wax

Cartridge wax or roll-on wax is a cost-effective waxing solution for large as well as small body areas, including arms, back and legs. All one needs to do is to insert a single-use wax cartridge inside a roll-on wax warmer and let it get warm for approximately 20 minutes. Once the wax gets warmed up, you simply need to push it onto the skin.

Benefits of Roll-on wax or Cartridge wax

Roll-on wax or Cartridge wax has emerged as a great alternative to the conventional method of waxing due to varied reasons.

  • It’s quick & convenient. Using roll-ons enables you to experience a clean waxing application as the wax does not drip.  Moreover, a professional applying this wax neither requires to clean up wax pots and spatulas post-waxing nor requires to remove the cartridge from the wax heater.
  • It’s hygienic. In the context of hygiene, Roll-on wax or Cartridge wax scores well as it nullifies any possibility of cross-contamination that may take place when using wax pots from which wax is taken out from a common spatula. 
  • It’s less messy. Since Roll-on wax or Cartridge wax is water-soluble, there remains no sticky residual. Nevertheless, it is still recommended to apply a post-depilatory lotion to ensure the perfect clean-up.

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Difference between Roll-on wax & Normal wax

Roll-on wax (or Cartridge wax)

Normal Wax

Hair removalSwift and painless hair removal process while discarding any possibility of leaving hair behind.Relatively Painful hair removal process and requires re-application. Generally, tiny hair is left behind as the wax strip is unable to get hold of such hair. 
Skin typesSuits all skin types. It especially comes across as the best best for sensitive skin.It is suitable for normal and dry skin only, and does not cater well to the sensitive skin type. 
Effect on skinLeaves the skin soft due to even-heating and single time application.Leaves the skin sticky and itchy with patches of redness and bumps.
Hygiene Cartridge wax is a more hygienic option as a single, separate cartridge is used per person. This does not raise any concern related to hygiene. Normal wax  can lead to hygiene issues as a common wax-heater and common spatula is used to apply wax on multiple people. 


Roll-on wax cartridges are less time consuming as a single application results in an even layer of wax on the skin. Using normal wax takes more time as one has to apply the wax a couple of times to get an even layer.

Cost of Roll-on Waxing Services at Urban Company

Waxing ServiceRoll-on Wax PriceNormal Wax Price
Full bodyRs 549-599Rs 599

*Prices are subject to change, please check the Urban Company app for updated prices.

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