How to Choose Nude Lipstick Shades for Indian Skin Tones

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In this post you will learn:

  • How to choose nude lipstick shades for your skin tone
  • Some delish nude lipsticks M.A.C has on offer
  • The perfect nude lipsticks for dark skin tones
  • A few picks of nude lipstick Nyx has on offer
  • Select nude lipstick shades for medium skin tones
  • Curated pick from HUDA nude lipstick set



There are some general guidelines that will help you choose the best nude lipstick shades for your skin tone:

  1. Pick nude lipstick shades that define your lips
  2. Pick a nude lipstick that makes your complexion glow
  3. Pick nude lipstick shades that are close to the natural color of your lips
  4. Pick a nude lipstick that matches your skin undertone

While these guidelines do help, the advice gets a lot more specific when it comes to choosing nude lip colors for dark, medium, or fair skin tones individually.

From our previous lipstick experiments, we realised that there are no hard and fast rules about lip colors and skin tones; It’s always best to try the lipstick on before making a decision. Still, the Urban Company Beauty team put together this list the best nude lipstick shades for Indian skin tones. Here are the ones we visualised as looking the best.



Best Nude Lipsticks for Dark Skin Tones & Dusky Complexions

Dark and dusky tones, both tend to have unevenly colored lips. A simple trick to even out dark lips is to choose a nude lipstick with a bit of orange in it. It will cancel out the blue-hued dark pigment.

Maybelline – Touch of spice

Warm brown nude lipstick shade


Maybelline loyalists and a host of bloggers have great things to say about the creamy texture, matte finish, and rich brown pigment of this Maybelline nude lipstick. We think it makes for a beautiful nude shade for dark and dusky skin complexions with warm undertones. The hints of orange in the warm brown lipstick shade help camouflage pigmented lips.


M.A.C. – Taupe

Peachy-brown nude lipstick shade


There’s a good reason this Mac nude is a recurring mention on many lists of the best nude lipsticks for dark skin. This toasty peachy brown makes the pout stand gently apart from the skin, and color-corrects any dark pigmentation. The cherry on the cake is that it suits any undertone.


Bobbi Brown – Smoothie Move

Pink nude lipstick shade



It’s not as bright as it looks! This muted rose gives a hint of a blush to dusky skin tones with a cool undertone – without making it look chalky. It’s a great nude lipstick by Bobbi Brown to go with a dark smokey eye. In case you have unevenly colored lips, you will need to use a concealer before wearing this lipstick.


Sugar – Don Fawn

Warm brown nude lipstick shade


Besides being one more beautiful brown shade for dark skin tones, the liquid formula and rich pigment cover uneven lips well. In other words, you won’t need to use a concealer with this Sugar nude lip color.



Selected Nude Lipsticks for Medium & Wheatish Skin Tones

The challenge for medium and wheatish complexions is to find a nude lipstick that doesn’t merge with their skin tones and make it look muddy; this is important for ladies who have a preference for brown lipsticks. There’s also the But worry not – we’ve got some pretty selections of pink and brown nude lipsticks.

Huda – Trendsetter

Peachy-brown nude lipstick shade


This nude lipstick shade is a popular pick for medium complexions from the Huda Liquid Matte collection. The brown hints in this peach lipstick bring a warm glow to anyone with a neutral undertone and a flat medium complexion. This light shade of peach would pass off for a nude lipstick on some light skin tones too.


Huda – Muse

Light mauve nude lipstick shade


This is a tricky shade to wear as a nude since the purple tones would wash out most skin tones; except medium complexions with a rich pink undertone. Having said that we won’t recommend this for women who tan easily. If you have a cool medium skin tone that gets two shades darker in the summer, save this lipstick for your winter looks.


Nyx – Seduction

Peachy-brown nude lipstick shade


In our list of nude lipsticks, there’s no such thing as ‘enough peachy browns’! And we had to have this liquid peachy brown from the Nyx Lingerie nude lipstick collection. It’s a deeper, warmer color than the Huda Trendsetter. We would pair this lipstick with a basic eyeliner style, and kohl-rimmed waterline for an understated glam look.


Maybelline – Mysterious Mocha

Brownish-pink nude lipstick shade


If you have wheatish skin that slightly leans towards a cool undertone, then this brownish-pink nude lipstick shade is for you. However, if you tan easily, winter might be the only time you would want to wear this. We recommend this lip color for fair skin tones too.



Curated Nude Lipstick Shades for Light skin tones


LÓreal – Beige Reveur

Pinkish beige nude lipstick shade


This beige lip color has delicate hints of rose pink that would give neutral fair skin tones a soft pink blush. The rich matte finish coupled with some deft lip pencil work would leave your lips looking fuller and lush.


Bobbi Brown – Neutral Rose

Brownish-pink nude lipstick shade


It’s rare to find a brownish pink that works so well for light complexions with a visible yellow hue. Usually, coral shades work best with these skin tone. Here, however, the cool pink hue plays a careful balancing act with the warm yellow undertone. The result is quite stunning!


Huda – Medusa

Light mauve nude lipstick shade


In the universe of nude lipstick shades, there’s that family of light mauve nude lipsticks that orbit around very select skin tones. Like the this Huda muted mauve that beautifully suits fair complexions with a rosy pink undertone.


M.A.C. – Velvet teddy

Peachy-brown nude lipstick shade


What we loved best about this peachy brown (Swear, it’s the last one!), is that it’s more peach than brown. This warm nude beautifully reveals the yellow undertone in a light warm complexion.


Sugar – Peachy Little Liar

Pink-peach nude lipstick shade


This lipstick lies! It’s actually more of cool-hued pink with hints of warm peach hidden in there.  But that’s what makes this nude pink lip color from Sugar such a winner for any light skin tone.



Quick Recap of Nude Lipstick Shades With Price List


Lipstick BrandNude Lipstick ShadePrice
Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte LipstickTouch of SpiceRs.299
Mysterious Mocha
Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid Matte LipstickDon FawnRs.499
SUGAR Its A-Pout Time Lipstick rangePeachy Little LiarsRs.599
NYX Professional Makeup Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick SeductionRs.650
L’Oreal Paris Color Riche Moist Matte LipstickBeige ReveurRs.750
Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Nude Lipstick MedusaRs.1650
M.A.C. Matte LipstickTaupeRs.1650
Velvet Teddy
Bobbi Brown Crushed Liquid Lip ColorSmoothie MoveRs.1800
Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip ColorNeutral RoseRs.3600


Some More Nude Lipsticks that Almost Made it to our List

  • LÓreal Petal Potion:  It’s a nice dusty rose for cool skin tones.
  • LÓreal Cowboy: This is a warm brown for light to medium skin tones with a neutral undertone.
  • Chambor Truffle: This is pretty light brown lipstick which would suit warm skin tones.
  • Lakme 9to5 Blush Velvet: The perfect pink nude lipstick for strong golden complexions.
  • M.A.C. Spirit: This brown lipstick is made for warm dusky skin tones.
  • M.A.C. Persistence: A must-have nude lipstick for medium to dusky complexions.
  • Nyx Cabaret Show: We loved this deep mauve, made for medium skin tones with a pink undertone.
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