Maybelline’s Best Pink Lipstick Shades for Indian Skin Tones

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In this post you will learn about:

  • Maybelline’s best pink lipstick shades for medium skin
  • Select pink lipstick shades for fair skin
  • Pink lipstick shades for dark Indian skin by the brand
  • How to choose the best pink lip color for your skin tone
  • What color eyeshadow goes with pink lipstick?

The Beauty Editorial team has a soft corner for Maybelline for a wide variety of reasons: the prices are great, the collection is wide and inclusive, and the pigments are rich and last long. We also have a special love for pink. It’s lipstick shade that can comfortably transition from day wear to date night with ease. So we bought ourselves a stash of Maybelline pink lipstick shades and then went about women who could wear them best.

Here are the best pink lipstick shades for Indian skin tones by Maybelline.

Before you choose the perfect pink pout, you need find out if your SKIN UNDERTONE is warm, cool, or neutral.

I Get Berry Bossy when I #PinkIt

Shinjini is wearing the Maybelline New York Color Sensational Loaded Bolds in Berry Bossy


Our resident wedding expert really doesn’t need a pink lipstick to get bossy! I’ve gone lehenga-hunting a couple of times with Shinjini a.k.a the Delhi Bride. While she looks quite the stunner in pastel shades, rich colors wash her out. That’s not the case with makeup, though. She kills it here in this dark pink lipstick shade! The deep burgundy brings her yellow undertone to the surface, making her warm sand complexion glow. And of course, the coordinated sweater only adds to the loveliness.

If You have Shinjini’s Complexion


These are the best pink lipstick shades for light skin with warm undertones

The best pink lipstick shades for fair skin with yellow hues are those that add color to the face and highlight the warm undertone. So look for warm pink lipstick shades in berries and burgundies on the dark side, hot pinks in the medium range, and dark peaches and corals on the light side.


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I #PinkIt to Inspire

Bipasha is wearing the Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Pink Lipstick Shade in Inspirer


I think she was talking about some other lipstick since her initial reaction to this Maybelline pink lipstick shade was ‘I am NEVER wearing this color!’ After the photos, though, there was a little to argue about. This mid-range pink lipstick looks stunning on her golden complexion. She’s now inspiring other medium skin women to go lighter!

If You Have Bipasha’s Complexion


These are the best pink lipstick shades for medium skin with warm undertones

Most Indian women with medium complexions shy away from light pink lipsticks. They think it makes them look dark, which is not true. A subtle colour like this Maybelline pink lipstick shade supports a strong golden skin tone, making the complexion the hero. So, pick neutral pink lipsticks when going light. Stay away from corals and peaches since these would make your skin look sallow.


I #PinkIt at Midnight

Pavitra is wearing a Maybelline Color Show Lipstick in Midnight Pink


I swatch-tested this Maybelline lipstick on my dusky wrist, as well as on Bhavya’s (my partner-in-makeup-crimes) ivory white skin. It looked a dull maroon-ísh pink on both of us. That’s when we gave Pavitra a call. Her cool walnut skin colouring set the stage for this bright pink lipstick shade to come alive. We were kicked with the results, and helping her find a new date night lipstick!

If you have Pavitra’s Complexion

These are the best pink lipstick shades for dark skin with cool undertones

Let me set the record straight right away – dark skin colors can, and should, wear bright pink lipstick shades. Period. In fact, dark skin colors with cool undertones should try bright pinks and even purples. These shades highlight the cool hues in your skin and liven your face without contrasting too much with the skin color.

In case you’re looking for reds too, we know some great RED LIPSTICK SHADES by Maybelline that you could try.

I Fire Up When I #PinkIt

Ambica is wearing the Maybelline New York Color Sensational Matte Metallic Pink Lipstick in Fire Quartz

Ambica-Maybelline-pink-lipstick-shades-fiery-quartz Ambica can easily be Bipasha’s counterpart. While the latter hates subtle pinks and nudes, Ambica’s makeup kit reveals a clear preference for this palette. Which is why I thought of convincing her to try something more vibrant. She wasn’t easy to budge though, and I had to meet her half way with this gem of a pink lipstick shade from Maybelline. Since this is more peach than pink, and comes with gold shimmer, Ambica did have to take a few more steps outside her comfort zone. She couldn’t deny that this metallic shade instantaneously fired up her warm-hued light skin colour!

If You Have Ambica’s Complexion


These are the best pink lipstick shades for light skin with warm undertones

While Ambica’s fair skin has a peach undertone, it looks mostly pale. A skin tone like that needs of a hint of color, without running the risk of overpowering the face. Keeping this in mind, the best pink lipstick shades are warm peachy pinks, bright corals, coral-tinged berries, and maroon-ish wines. These will bring your warm undertones to the surface.


I Get Things Started When I #PinkIt

Vatsala is wearing the Maybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Pink Lipstick in Self-Starter


It’s fun to see how lipstick colours play out on different skin tones, especially nudes. And anyone who knows their makeup well will tell you that one girl’s nude lipstick would make another girl’s lips pop. Take this peachy nude shade from the Maybelline liquid matte range; perfect for a very warm skin tone. However, the same lipstick morphs into a lush coral on Vatsala. Her neutral wheatish skin lifted an otherwise subtle shade into a vibrant colour thats perfect to start the day with!

If You Have Vatsala’s Complexion


These are the best pink lipstick shades for wheatish skin with neutral undertones

A natural tan complexion like Vatsala’s can sport a wide range of pink lipstick shades, from warm peaches to cool summer wines. That’s mostly due to the skin’s neutral undertone. When it comes to the best pink tones, medium, and dark pink lip colours would work best. Light pinks would make your skin look dark and are best avoided.


#PinkIt and Proud

Shagun is wearing the Maybelline Loaded Bold Pink Lipstick Shade in Proud Pink

It was tough finding a fitting (and sporting) match for the Maybelline Proud Pink lipstick shade. It’s a pink for light skin tones, no doubt, but we were looking for the right undertone too. And then walked in Shagun with her rosy and fair colouring! This lipstick is such an unusual blush pink that looks powdery on most complexions. But this lady here wore it like any other day lipstick in her kit. It played a cool accomplice to those mesmerising cobalt blue lashes, sadly, not visible in the photo. We were proud to have someone in office flaunt all that color!

If You Have Shagun’s Complexion


These are the best pink lipstick shades for fair skin with neutral undertones

Ivory skin with neutral undertones can wear warm as well as cool pinks comfortably. In terms of tonality, light and medium pink lipstick shades are your best bet. On the other hand, dark pink lipstick shades like plums, dark berries and burgundies might bleach you out.


I #PinkIt Pretty Well in Plum

Sumedha is wearing the Maybelline New York Color Sensational Pink Lipstick in Pretty in Plum


Sumedha holds steadfast to a myth: ‘bright lipstick colors don’t suit me!‘ So, to bully her, prove her wrong in the process, we went all out with our selection of pink lipstick shades for her. This plum shade (more purple than pink) from the Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick range was a unanimous pick. We had a feeling that the rich mauve would make her emphasise her warm undertone, and make her face look radiant. Turns out we were right! She does look pretty in plum, no?

If You Have Sumedha’s Complexion


These are the best pink lipstick shades for medium skin with yellow undertones

Sumedha and Bipasha both have medium skin with warm undertones. While Bipasha’s golden skin tone makes her undertone very obvious, Sumedha’s warm natural skin hides its yellow undertone. Subtle colours would only wash out a skin tone like this. On the other hand, rich pink lipstick shades in magentas, fuchsias, hot pinks, and peaches will reveal your warm colouring.


I #PinkIt With a Touch of Nude

Neha is wearing the Maybelline Pink Lipstick Shade in Touch of Nude


It’s amazing how skin undertones decided the way colours look on you. Even though they are both medium skin tones, Neha turned out to be the complete opposite of Sumedha. Rich colours that made Sumedha’s warm skin come alive, made Neha’s cool skin look pallid. Light and medium pinks, though, bring out her rosy glow. Especially this Maybelline pink lipstick shade from the Super Stay range.

If You Have Neha’s Complexion


These are the best pink lipstick shades for medium skin with cool undertones

For cool honey skin tones like Neha’s, I suggest going with light and subtle medium pinks with cool hues. I’m thinking delicate roses, blush pinks, mauves, and even light peaches that are more pink than orange. Give the dark pink shades a miss since they will look too strong on your colour.


Don’t #PinkIt with Me!

Amirah is wearing the Maybelline New York Color Jolt Matte in Don’t Pink With Me


‘This is so bright!’ That’s what Amirah said when I showed her the Maybelline pink lipstick we were going to try on her. We blindly trusted our instincts when we decided to give her this jolt of shocking pink. Probably because we knew that her skin would reveal its pink glow with a little help from pop colors like Maybelline’s Don’t Pink With Me. And on a light skin too like her’s, it doesn’t look too much either. It sits so pretty, perfect and pink, you don’t want to mess with it!

If You Have Amirah’s Complexion


These are the best pink lipstick shades for fair skin with cool undertones

What’s common between Shinjini’s Warm Sand and Amirah’s Cool Ivory complexions? Besides the fact that they are both fair skin colors, their undertones aren’t too visible. A dash of color helps reveal their undertones, which in this case, is a sweet blush pink. The suggested pink lipstick shades for cool, light skin would strong pink shades with cool hues, like shocking pinks and magentas, pop berries, and rich plums.

I #PinkIt with Reliable Raspberry

Nupur is wearing a Maybelline New York Superstay 24 Color 2 Step Pink Lipstick in Reliable Raspberry


I saved this Maybelline Superstay 2 Step Lipstick for Nupur. It really is a very reliable pink lipstick shade for dusky, cool skin tones. Notice how the raspberry shade highlights her complexion without making it look pale. The medium- pink tone also  brightens her face without contrasting too much.

If you have Nupur’s Complexion


These are the best pink lipstick shades for dusky skin with cool undertones

Every story usually has one hero aided by a supporting cast. With cool dusky skin tones though, you need to split the attention between the complexion and the lip colour. Choose cool muted pinks like raspberries and soft fuchsias.


Quick Recap: Maybelline Best Pink Lipstick Shades and Prices

I #PinkIt WithMaybelline Lipstick RangePink ShadePrice
Pavitra’s PinkMaybelline New York Color Show Pink Lipstick Midnight PinkRs.310
Ambica’s PinkMaybelline New York Color Sensational Matte Metallic Pink Lipstick Fire QuartzRs.450
Shinjini’s PinkMaybelline New York Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Pink LipstickBerry BossyRs.450
Shagun’s PinkMaybelline New York Color Sensational The Loaded Bolds Pink LipstickProud PinkRs.450
Sumedha’s PinkMaybelline New York Color Sensational Pink Lip ColorPretty in PlumRs.450
Amirah’s PinkMaybelline New York Color Jolt Matte Pink Lipstick Don’t Pink With MeRs.450
Neha’s PinkMaybelline New York Color Sensational Powder Matte Lipstick Touch of NudeRs.475
Bipasha’s PinkMaybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Pink LipstickInspirerRs.650
Vatsala’s PinkMaybelline New York Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Pink LipstickSelf StarterRs.650
Nupur’s PinkNupur is wearing a Maybelline New York Superstay 24 Color 2 Step Pink Lipstick Reliable RaspberryRs.650


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Answers to FAQs About Pink Lipsticks

What is the best pink lipstick?

I’d say Sephora’s Indian Pink since it is a true pink that can be comfortably worn by light, dark, and medium complexions with a neutral undertone. For more options browse through our list of the best pink lipsticks for Indian skin tones.

What color lipstick looks good on medium skin tone?

Medium skin with warm skin tones can opt for soft pinks with neutral undertones that compliment your complexion. Those with cool-hued medium skin tone can go with lighter pinks with bluish hues like delicate roses, blush pinks, mauves, and light peaches. Neutral medium skin complexions can sport a wide range of pink lipstick, from warm peaches to cool summer wines.

What color eyeshadow goes with pink lipstick?

If you’re wearing a subtle colored outfit with a soft pink lipstick, a contrasting blue eyeshadow would add some drama to your overall look. If you want something to compliment your lipstick, try a purple eyeshadow from the same colour palette. And if you are wearing bright pink lipstick, highlight it with a golden or nude eyeshadow. Warm shades of pink lipstick go well with cool colors like blue and green. True pinks work best with golds and nudes.

BLUE EYESHADOW LOOKS  are all the rage! Check our post for makeup inspirations.

What is the cost of matte lipstick?

A good quality matte lipstick starts at around Rs.299 with Maybelline’s New York Creamy matte lipstick range. The Nykaa So Matte lipstick collection starts at Rs.339. Lakme 9to5 matte lipsticks are available for Rs.450 onwards; the Nyx liquid matte lipstick range is also available for the same price.  

Last Words: Choosing the Best Pink Lipstick Shade for Your Skin Tone

Besides the obvious determining factor, that is, your complexion, skin undertones play an important role in singling out your best pink lipstick shades. You can do a simple test to check your skin undertone, like checking the colour of your veins or trying on silver and gold jewellery to find out whether you are warm, cool, or neutral.

Take the skin undertone test here!

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