9 DIY Nail Art Tips For Short Nails

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Long nails, painted in rich colors, topped off with a popping art and complemented with a rock of a ring! Quite the fantasy of every girl. But for many, this fantasy remains a distant dream owing to their short nails. These might be the reasons. Either you have bitten your nails through your childhood and your nails have adapted to not grow further. Or you haven’t drunk the milk your mom asked you to and passed it on to your younger sibling (no wonder her nails are better). While you are browsing through all possible manicure tips and tricks available over the internet, we are here with 9 Nail Art Hacks for short nails that will give your nails a stunning facelift, you can thank us later!

 1. Easy stripes with tape

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Intricate stripes are close to impossible on short nails. The area available for stripes to show is less and if attempted on such a course, the trial will lead to messy stripes blending in with the other colors. Therefore, aim for three stripes with just two flicks of nail paint. After prepping your nails, paint them with one color. Do not coat it with a primer and wait for the color to set. Once the color has found strength, cut a small piece of tape in a stripe and paste it on the nail. Now take a less prominent color and flick it on the nail over the tape. After the paint settles, remove the piece of tape. Now you have three stripes with the middle one popping!

2. Match with skin

It is safe to say that every girl with short nails or chronic nail breakage envies the girl who has longer ones. She secretly wishes that her nails grow soon so that she could flaunt them. But until then, worry not for we have a hack to create an illusion that your nails are longer. The Nude nail paint will merge with your skin tone and make your nails look extra-long, almost as an extension of your finger. If you can find a nail paint that is similar to the color of your nail then even better! Flaunt your faux long nails in style!

3. Stick with style

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Nail stickers are the rage all over the place. Hearts, flowers, sparkles, mustache, musical notes and what not! A glittery sticker is bound to pop on your nail with a painted background. Most of the girls with short nails feel the pinch of not using these because most of the stickers take up an entire small nail. Nevertheless, small stickers will make the cut for their short nails. Choose stickers that will fit into a small area on your small nails. Stick them over a set of dull painted nails for them to pop with shine.

4. French- Upside down

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French manicure has been in vogue since time immemorial. Box cut nails or almond cut nails, anything with a spotless white rim on the top of the nail will give a makeover to the entire nail. Alas, dear girls with short nails, we sympathize with your situation of not being able to do a French manicure. We present you with reverse French manicure! Time to do the white part right down to your cuticles leaving the upper part of your nail bare. If not, another alternative is the Super French manicure where you can elongate the white rim to cover three-fourths of your nail.

4. Outline the manicures

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Short nails too can sport a beautiful outline effect. The outlining effect will create a mirage of long looking nails. Here is how you do it easily. A tape will rescue you again. Cut the tape in the shape you want your outline to be. Now paste it on your nail leaving the areas to be outlined bare. Flick paint over the tape and peel the tape after the paint settles. Now you have a popping outlined set of nails!

6. The bold studs

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Studs are known to look very gaudy on long nails. Either that or they go unnoticeable on them. But for short nails, they are the perfect match.  Choose studs to complement the nail color that you will be using and place them in strategic positions. We advise you to place them on the outer tip of the nail to add an extending effect to your nail. Paint a complementary circular design around your nail to accentuate the effect.

7. Design the lowers

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Here is one great tip. Remember how we taught you to do a reverse French manicure or a super French manicure? Now use this trick for all the patterns you know of. Paint patterns on the smaller portion of the nail with the three-fourths of the upper nail covered in a complementing coat of paint. This way your nails will look embedded with design without being overbearing

8. Statement nail

fancy nail art Statement nails might be out of vogue for long nails for the statement looks intrudingly conspicuous. But for short nails, it is still a brilliant option. Use your ring finger nail as your statement nail, paint it with a color that pops apart the other nails, resort to striping the nail with complementing paints. Go for polka dots or little designs for this one. Studs and glitter are also a yay for the ring finger. For the finishing touch, add a ring to the finger and let your fingers play the game!

9. Ombre Fashion

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Ombre effect is a complete NO NO for long nails. They might end up looking like a failed rainbow. But for short nails that make a statement subtly, Ombre can work wonders. Use a popping paint and gradually increase the mix of a lighter shade of the same color into the coats. While mixing the colour with another shade make sure that you do it before the paint sets in. you will now have a calming ombre love on your nails.

Do not shed tears over your ever-breaking nails. Never let the long nails steal your shine. Use these tips and still be the talk of the gang with statement nails.



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