11 Makeup Must Haves That Every Woman Must Own

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We know it can hard to be prepared for everything – a look in place for every occasion or event that might be sprung on you suddenly. With such harsh standards set by society, failure to appear “ready” for anything that may come across your way is not an option. Which is why, the best course of action is to carry these 11 amazing products with you that can help you prepare for anything, not to mention that they’re super easy to use. Here we go:


1. Primer

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Ignore a primer at your own loss. Primers transform your face into a smooth base on which your concealer/foundation/highlighter and more can glide over, not to mention they keep your makeup from creasing or sliding throughout the day. If you might need to put on some light makeup for an evening out, a primer’s the best assistant that you can carry around in your purse or makeup kit.


2. Concealer


For the best cosmetic camouflage, nothing beats the power of a well chosen concealer. This is especially true if you’re often plagued by redness, scars, blemishes, or dark circles. Carry a concealer around to touch up if needed. Know more about applying concealers here.


3. Blush

There’s nothing like blush when it comes to some cosmetic pick-me-up for your face! Add a fresh pop of color to your face with a shade that compliments your skin or makeup look perfectly. Choose a blush with a creamy formula as it can lend a dewy tone to your skin and are easily (and very naturally) blendable. Apply on your cheeks for youthful, flushed looking skin.


4. BB Cream

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BB Creams are the fixer uppers for your face. They are especially handy if you’re new to foundations because they’re ultimately lotions with a few drops of foundation in them. In fact, a good BB cream is a foundation, primer, moisturizer and toner all in one. It not only gives you great coverage that hides any blemishes, but also treats them. Do we even need more reasons to go for this one?


5. Mascara

Give your everyday look a little oomph with full, luscious lashes. Even if yours are naturally thin/sparse, you can easily make up for it with mascara! Confused between the volumizing and lengthening variations? Experts will tell you to go for both by applying one coat each.


6. Your Favorite Shade of Lipstick

Whether it’s fiery red that gets your look going or hot pink that pulls it all together – every girl has a favorite lip color and your makeup kit would be incomplete without it. Whatever the shade, apply a new coat when needed and up the ante of your look of the day.


Read our post to find the best RED LIPSTICK SHADE for Indian skin tones from Maybelline’s.


7. Hair Serum/Conditioner

Hair can often seem like a poor relation to your skin – often ignored and seldom cared for. But your hair needs as much protection from the elements as your skin and the right serum can do the job for you. Hair serum provides a protective cover for your hair and prevents damage due to UV radiation or the dirt and dust in the atmosphere. So, keep your makeup close and your hair serum closer.


8. Face wipes


Wherever you go, the ravages of a late night or last night’s makeup will follow. Going to sleep without removing your makeup is a horror show waiting to happen – and seriously harmful for your skin. Keep some face wipes around always (in your purse and on your nightstand) so that you can remove your makeup or deal with any smudges at a moment’s notice.


9. Sunscreen

The Sun is never far away. Whether you’re leaving for a day at the beach or the office, applying and toting around a sunscreen is a must. What is the point you ask? A sunscreen will guard your skin against incredible harmful damage caused by UVA/UVB rays caused on a daily basis and prevents breakouts when least expected. Need we say more?


10. Lip Balm

Dry lips can happen to anyone at anytime so stay armed with a lip balm. Make your own (here’s how) or buy one – either option is pretty easy. Our suggestion? Buy an untinted lip balm and pair with your favourite shade of lipstick for a look that both you and your lips can love.


11. Your Signature Scent

Last but not the least, to tie up your entire look, carry your favourite perfume with you. Smelling great can be a great way to announce your presence before you arrive (here’s how you can smell great all the time). Be sure to spritz some perfume on before you leave home and top up when needed throughout the day.

Well, that’s it! This was our list of makeup must haves that your look cannot do without. Do you have any more in yours? Let us know and we’ll add it to our list!

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