Why the MAC Ruby Woo is the Best Red Lipstick for Indian Women

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In this post we tell you:

  • What’s common between the Mac Ruby Woo and the Lord of the Rings
  • Why this ruby red shade is the best red lipstick for all Indian skin tones
  • Our take on the Mac Ruby Woo lipstick review
  • Mac Ruby Woo price list



We read reviews and heard testimonials from a wide variety of women about Mac red lipsticks in general, and the Mac Ruby Woo in particular, being ‘the best red lipstick’ they’ve ever worn. So much so that we had to see for ourselves. And so, we tried the MAC Ruby Woo on seven different skin tones.

What we found was a revelation.

What Happened When We Tried the Mac Ruby Woo on 7 Different Women

We found out seven important things about this Mac red lipstick, that have since become cardinal rules for us.

#1. The Ruby Woo looks predictably great on light skin tones


This was an easy guess since the ‘red lipstick and fair skin’ combination is one we’re accustomed to seeing, accepting, and appreciating. What we observed was how Shinjini’s warm hues come out on applying this dazzling red lipstick shade.


#2. The Ruby Woo looks surprisingly great on very light skin tones


How light can the Ruby Woo handle? ‘Very’ is the answer. But while the red shade seems as bright as the skin tone that wears it, the overall look is quite flattering on Bhavya. The Ruby Woo also pairs well with her complexion’s pink undertone.


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…And Now We Return to the Mac Ruby Woo.

#3. Dark skin tones look tres chic when Ruby Woo ‘d


In our heads was stuck the knowledge makeup guides past – that the best red lipstick shades for dark skin are dark blue-red lipsticks like oxblood and burgundy. So, would the MAC Ruby Woo be the exception? It was worth a try! This red lipstick matched steps with Pavitra’s complexion and cool undertone. The whole look is playful without being over the top.


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#4. The MAC Ruby Woo makes dusky skin tones pop


Pavitra’s skin tone had a nice strong coloring that fabulously compliments the Ruby Red of the Woo. But what about a dusky skin tone with a pale pallor? Wouldn’t a bright red make it look washed out? Not so. On the other hand, this swipe of red is just the right amount of color for Ishani’s neutral dusky complexion needs.


#5. This Mac Red makes medium complexions go from Woo to Woohoo!


We now know the Ruby Woo looks great on dark, and light skin tones. The next question was how well can the middle range of skin complexions – neutral, warm and cool – handle it. Even for Meghna’s medium skin tone that tans this is an all-weather red lipstick. It doesn’t make her look darker in the summers or bleached out in the winters.


#6. Warm skin warms up to the Ruby Woo red


We were more worried about whether Bipasha’s complexion would upstage the Ruby Woo! The golden skin color coupled with the yellow undertone makes skin tone very strong, very warm. To our surprise, this MAC red lipstick and her complexion compliment each other very well.  Thanks to the Ruby Woo’s balanced tonality and hue, neither does it upstage her face nor does it fade into the backdrop.


#7. Cool skin tones can chill with the Ruby Woo


Akanksha’s lightly colored skin leans towards a cool undertone. With a swipe of the Ruby Woo, those hidden pink undertones rise up to the surface. She looks like she’s having fun! In case your skin is obviously pink or red, fret not. The Mac Ruby Woo red looks just as good since the red lipstick and pink undertone are analogous i.e. they’re in the same color palette.



So…What Makes the MAC Ruby Woo the Best Red Lipstick?

During the course of our experiment, here’s what we observed about the Ruby Woo:

#1. It’s got the perfect tone

This red lipstick shade lies bang centre of the tonal range. This makes it not too dark, not too light.

#2. It’s got the perfect hue

It a neutral red lip color which means it’s neither too orange and warm nor too pinkish and cool.

#3. It’s got the perfect saturation

The color on your lips is neither too flashy nor too muted.

#4. It’s got the perfect finish

With a color that’s so deliciously red and a finish that’s so matte, it’s simply perfect.



Last Words on the Mac Ruby Woo Red Lipstick

Here’s our Mac Ruby Woo review – It needs a smoother formula!

If Frodo’s found-trinket was the one ring to rule them all, then this ruby shade is the one red lipstick to glam them all! It really has got all the elements of the perfect lipstick – great color, strong pigment, and a rich matte finish.

The formula, though, is not that great. We really had to rub on the product to make these women look like that. Even if you’re buying a Little MAC Ruby Woo, we advise you to save it for special occasions and go with a good dupe for other days.


Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick Price

In case you want to know what the Mac Ruby Woo price is, here it is:

Mac LipsticksPrice
Little Mac Ruby Woo Rs.999
Retro Mac Ruby Woo lipstickRs.1650
Mac Ruby Woo liquid lipstickRs.1600
Mac Ruby Woo lip linerRs.1600
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