How To Perfect Your Eyebrow Shape in Just Four Simple Steps

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Girl with thick eyebrows

Eyebrows are an important facial feature. They complete your face, give it form and definition. Can you imagine how incomplete you will look if you didn’t have eyebrows! But what is worse is having badly done eyebrows or an eyebrow shape that doesn’t suit your face. From thinly arched to bold angular and everything in between, there are so many different eyebrow shapes.  What’s more is you can enhance the shape of your brows using different tools, such as eyebrow tweezers, trimmers and eyebrow shaper, pencils, brow highlighters, and brow gels.

In this article, we tell you

  1. Different eyebrow shapes according to face shapes
  2. How to get the perfect eyebrow shape in  4 simple steps


Different Eyebrow Shapes According to Face Shapes

Different Types of Eyebrow Shapes

There are five basic types of eyebrows:

  1. Rounded eyebrows
  2. Soft angled eyebrows
  3. Flat eyebrows
  4. S-shaped eyebrows
  5. Hard angled or arched eyebrows

There are no best eyebrow shapes as such. Your face cut defines what kind of eyebrow shape you should have. For example, eyebrow shape for a round face should never be round but arched. A round shape will only make your face look rounder. Similarly, the right eyebrow shape for oval face is soft angled eyebrows.

Which eyebrows to opt for is greatly influenced by the shape of your face. Here are the best eyebrow shapes according to your face cut:

  • Square-shaped face, you can opt for both angled and arched brows
  • Round face, make sure your brows are angular or arched
  • Long face, flat eyebrows work with extended tails work best
  • Oval face, soft angled eyebrows are what you need
  • Sharp facial features, opt for round eyebrows to soften your face


Science Behind The Perfect Eyebrow Shape

Getting your eyebrows done isn’t that simple. To get your eyebrows right, keep in mind these three angles:

  1. Your brow should begin from where your nostril ends
  2. The arch should be formed according to an imaginary line extending from the nostril and the center of the eye.
  3. The brow should end on the imaginary line extending from the nostril and outer corner of the eye.


How to get the perfect eyebrow shape


How To Get The Perfect Eyebrow Shape

1. Create the Right Shape.

eyebrow shape

Many people feel that the shape of their brows is not ideal for their face. Well, the good news is that you can alter brow shapes considerably by following a simple formula. Take a pencil, eyeliner or makeup brush to find these three points on your eyebrows:

  • Starting Point
    draw eyebrow starting point
    Place the pencil at the centre of your nostril and mark this point on your eyebrow. This is going to be the starting point of your perfect eyebrows.
  • Arch
    eyebrow arch
    Most eyebrows arch around the eye and you can slightly alter this arch to your advantage to create a sharper look. Place the pencil at the centre of your nostril and hold it at an angle so that it aligns with the outer edge of your iris. Mark this point with an eyebrow pencil as your arch.
  • Ending Point
    Eyebrow ending shape
    The ending point of an eyebrow is also important since it gives a definite shape to your entire face. Hold the pencil at the centre of the nostril and align it with the outer corner of your eye. Mark the point where the pencil meets your eyebrow since this is going to be the ending point of your eyebrow.

For an angular face, a softer arch works better whereas for a round face, a sharper arched eyebrow looks great. You can also alter the starting point of your eyebrow slightly if you have close-set or wide-set eyes since the natural position of the eyes might make your eyebrows appear too close or far apart. Experiment a little to find the right starting point and arch for your face shape.

2. Fill in the Brows.

filling up eyebrows

Now that you have three points, i.e. the starting point, arch and ending point, draw your eyebrow lightly with an eyebrow pencil. You can also use an eyebrow pomade, eyebrow powder or an eyeshadow to fill in your brows. Do not add too much colour near the starting point since it can appear too harsh. Fill in the arch and the rest of the eyebrow. Use small strokes as if you are drawing individual eyebrow hair instead of using long strokes so that your eyebrows appear natural.

Now that you have drawn your perfect eyebrow shape, you need to give a couple of finishing touches to your eyebrow for a polished look.

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3. Remove Stray Hair.

pluck eyebrows to remove strays
Your eyebrows will stand out if there are no stray hairs attracting attention and disturbing the perfect shape you have drawn. Depending on what your preferred method of hair removal is, use tweezers, wax or thread to remove stray hairs under and above your eyebrow. Make sure to do this carefully so that you do not remove hair from your eyebrow. Never over-pluck your eyebrows since it can disturb the growth of hair.

Apply a soothing gel or cream after the hair removal to calm down the skin. Use an eyebrow comb to comb your brows straight in the direction of their growth and use an eyebrow trimmer to trim your brow hair.

You can now use a flat brush to apply concealer or foundation around your eyebrow to make them stand out even more against your skin. They will frame your face perfectly and give you a chiseled look.

4. Set your Eyebrows in Place.

set eyebrows using brush

You can ensure that your eyebrows stay put all day long and appear great even at the end of the day. Just use a brow comb to comb your eyebrow in place and then apply a brow gel to set them. You can also use a hairspray instead of a brow gel to set your eyebrows in place. Just spritz your hairspray on a cotton bud and run it gently on your eyebrow from the starting point to the end to set it completely. Another alternative is to use petroleum jelly to set your brows in place.

Whenever you want to play with eyebrow shapes, try using an eyebrow pencil that is one or two shades darker or lighter than your natural colour. Any more variation may make your eyebrows appear ashy and unnatural.

Use these four steps one after the other to get the perfect eyebrow for your face shape. If you get your eyebrow threading done, then make sure to talk to your salon expert first. Done get your eyebrows shaped before discussing what shape she is going to give it and why. And if you are not convinced with her answer, talk to us! But, if you do your eyebrows on your own, try out the steps mentioned above and you will soon get the hang of it. 🙂


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