7 Homemade Natural Skin Bleach for A Bright and Beautiful Face: Say Goodbye to Dull Skin

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Do not lie to yourself when I ask whether you’ve ever wanted to wake up and look into the mirror to see the bright, new fairer you. It’s true; skin colour does not define beauty. Nevertheless, having that bad tan on your face that you got last time after going out in the sun isn’t beauty either. Every one of us wants to look our best every day, to greet whatever challenges that may come along our way or the new people that we meet every day, at work or otherwise. To look presentable, you need to look effortlessly put together and for that, you need to look the most beautiful, naturally, without any heavy makeup. You can do this by brightening your skin instantly by using bleaching techniques.

However, for the skeptics in us, who do not want to put a blob of chemical on our faces, here are 7 homemade bleaching tips for face that you can quickly try at home and get almost the same results as using chemical bleach- a brighter, shinier, softer and fairer skin.

First you need to understand what bleach does instantaneously, on your face:


A. Lightens your skin tone

By using bleach, you are increasing the melanin level in your facial skin, thus giving your skin a better color and reducing all dullness you might’ve had on your face. This process also reduces that irremovable tan you might’ve had on your face for days. In short, you get a brighter and fairer skin.

bleach Lightens your skin tone

B. No need to remove that facial hair

It must be really difficult to get your facial hair removed every month. It’s painful and it takes a lot of time from your day. However, you can eliminate that process from your daily life if you use bleaching creams. It lightens your skin, along with which it lightens your facial hairs too. This makes them less visible on your face and you need not get it removed.

bleach lightens your facial hair

C. Reduces blemishes

Along with lightening your facial hair and your face itself, bleaching reduces the blemishes on your skin and the dark spots and pimple marks that you might’ve had on, for years. It must be a relief to finally see it gone.

bleach Reduces blemishes

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Now, for the people who choose to go au naturel:


1. Yogurt

Using yogurt or curd, as we Indians call it, regularly, can bring in impressive results onto your face. You can simply use yogurt as a single-ingredient-mask and leave it on for 10-15 minutes and rub it off with a wet tissue or cloth or you can mix a little gram flour or ground oats to make it into a smooth paste that can be used as a scrub on your facial skin.

yogurt - natural bleach

2. Gram flour

Gram flour is one of the best natural products that you can use on your face to brighten your facial skin. It gives the best results when it used simply without any other ingredient. The coarse texture of the flour alters it as a scrub too, that can be used all over your body. You need to leave on the mixture of flour and a dash of cold water-on your face for about 20 minutes to get the best results out of it. Later, wash it off with a splash of not too cold water.

gram flour - natural bleach

3. Orange peel and juice 

Consumption of a glass of orange juice, everyday can work wonders on the texture of your skin. Same way, utilising the juice and even its peel, directly onto your skin can bring in a lot of changes. For this, you can directly lay fresh orange peel onto your facial skin or grind it into a fine powder and combine it with some yogurt, spread it onto your face and wipe it off after 20 minutes. Instead, you can also mix some orange juice with a teaspoon or two or turmeric powder and apply it onto your face and take it off after 20 minutes. However, do be careful while using turmeric powder, because, using a lot can leave a stain on your skin.

4. Lemon

Lemons are the most natural bleaching products that you can lay your hands on. For using it, you can squeeze two lemons, soak cotton balls in it and dab the cotton onto your face and let it sit there for a while. Alternatively, you can mix a little bit of rose water along with it for an extra fragrance and for softer skin. You can also mix it with some yogurt or oats and yogurt, for getting a coarse scrub that can let on your face for 20 minutes.

lemon - natural bleach

5. Honey

One of the major reasons for uneven skin tone is dry skin. Moisturizing your skin properly itself can make half its problems vanish. Honey, a common household ingredient helps in moisturizing your skin. You can simply rub it on your face and take it off after 15 minutes or alternatively- mix it with some powdered milk and almond oil for fragrance and leave it on as a scrub and exfoliate your skin.

6. Aloe Vera or cucumber 

Aloe Vera has in built qualities that will help with hyper-pigmentation, a process that brings back your natural color to your face. Also, the cooling agents in it relaxes your skin and fastens the process of regenerating dead skin cells and damaged tissues. It is also an excellent skin relaxer during summers after you’ve been out for several hours.

A similar agent is cucumber that cools your skin instantly and relaxes it and accelerates the process of regenerating dead skin cells. It also binds collagen in your skin and keeps your face supple and firm. Suitable for all skin types, the vegetable can be cut and placed on areas where you have dark spots for a lighter skin tone.

aloe vera & cucumber as natural bleach

7. Turmeric

Turmeric is a constant agent for reducing dark patches on your skin and bringing in an even skin tone. Turmeric powder can be used simply with some cold water or mixed with orange peel powder as mentioned earlier, or even with some honey or yogurt. Do be careful while using turmeric as it can leave long standing stain on your face.

We have given you all the tools to achieve flawless skin. Now it is up to you to keep up the consistency and get glorious skin.

turmeric - natural bleach

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