Get a New & a Trendy Look in a Matt-er of Minutes

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We have been there, stuck in a style-rut. Getting up in the morning and following the same ritual to get ready makes us feel drab and dull. The same kind of clothes, the hairstyle and the same products of make up some days demand for a change. Rather than going in for a radical makeover that makes us regret our decisions later, you will be surprised how easily we can change the way we look.


Glossy lips and nail colors has been around for a few years. But the truth of the matt-er is that matte is in trend. It may be hard for you to get rid of your trusted lip gloss and shiny nails, a quick (and affordable) swap of your liquid lip lacquers for a matte pout can go a long way. Unlike gloss, you can go matte with any hue. Be it the trendy reds and browns or the quirky shades (Aishwarya’s purple lip color at Cannes proved that!). Since the likes of international and Indian fashion designers have debuted this look at runways, the brands are following suit.

What if we told you we could switch your look without putting a stress on your bank account? Without much of an effort and with easy tricks? A mini makeover that helps you stay in trend.

We share two simple tricks to convert your existing gloss shades to matte and change your look completely. The video shows how easy it is to switch between looks and not let the drab set in.

Changing your glossy lips to matte

All it takes is a little dab of face powder and voila! You have as many matte shades as you have gloss lip shades. a mini make over for just a little amount. Alternatively you can also use a baby powder. A lot of existing gloss shades you have may not look good you, try to matte them up and see the difference.

The first thing to do before wearing a lipstick is to hydrate your lips. You can either use a lip conditioner or a colorless lip balm. With matte lipsticks this is necessary as the dryness is evident. Matte lipsticks also need more touch ups than gloss lipsticks, so a lip liner is a good idea if you don’t want to constantly do that.


Every woman needs a red lipstick. Read our blog post to find the best RED LIPSTICK SHADE for you!


Getting the perfect matte nails

Here is an easy way to create matte nail shades of your choice with no colored nail paints at disposal. You can even use eye shadows that have expired/old and you have no use for them. If you have a whole color palette of eye shadows and some shades just don’t work for your eyes, you can convert them to a matte nail paint in minutes!

Try these tricks at home to get a mini make over, for professional help book a verified make up artist from Urban Company!


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