Hair Highlights for Indian Skin | Blonde Highlights & Other Styling Ideas

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In this post you will learn:

  • Ideas for blonde highlights and other blonde hair color styles
  • Style suggestions for caramel highlights, honey blonde balayage, ash blonde ombre etc.

  • How to choose shades from the blonde hair colors chart


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How to Choose Shades from the Blonde Hair Colors Chart

There’s a blonde shade for every skin tone out there. The trick is in finding out your undertone: is it warm, cool, or neutral? The golden (pun intended!) rule is to choose warm blonde shades if your skin tone is cool, or cool blonde hair colors if you have a warm undertone. Neutral undertones can choose any shade.

Cool skin tones can try warm blonde hair colors like golden blonde, honey blonde, and caramel. Warm skin tones can try cool blonde colors like champagne blonde, ash blonde, and strawberry blonde.



Style Ideas for Blonde Highlights, Balayage, Ombre, & More!

What is balayage?

The balayage technique works hair highlights in such a way that the hair colors look gradual and natural. The style gently transforms into an ombre as your natural hair grows.


blonde highlights ash blonde balayage


Style idea: Light brown & ash blonde balayage

Balayage with two (or more) colors adds more depth to a dark hair color base, like black or dark brown. You can try twin-color balayage in cool-hues – a light brown and ash blonde for a warm skin tone.


Ribbon Babylights

What are ribbon highlights?

Ribbon highlights are fine strands of hair painted in a color that is distinctly different from your base hair color. Yet they look gentler and gradual than regular highlights. A more natural look can be achieved with an ombre effect and thinner strands of hair aka babylights.

blonde highlights bronde ribbon babylights

Style idea: Bronde ribbon babylights

As the name suggests, visualize your hair tresses intertwined with ribbons. We loved especially loved this combo of delicate bronde swirls and dark brunette curls.


Peek-a-Boo Blonde Highlights

What are peek-a-boo highlights?

It’s a fun style where you get to wear a dramatic color without the fear of it overpowering your face. This hair color style looks good in pulled back hairstyles that reveal the dual coloring, like a half Chinese Bun.

blonde highlights platinum blonde peek a boo highlights

Style idea: Peek-a-boo blonde highlights

Try this with natural hair colors like platinum blonde or vivid colors like ruby red, teal blue, and buttercup yellow.


Cruella DeVille Highlights

What are they!

Inspired by the chic and edgy villain of the Disney classic, the extremely light bold hair highlights are meant to contrast dramatically on a darker base color.

cruell deville blonde highlights


Style idea: Jet black and platinum blonde highlights

Most women try this with almost-white hair colors like silver or platinum blonde. But, you can even go for a darker blonde hair color like champagne blonde on a carob dark brown base to reduce the contrast, without compromising on the style.


Side Bang Hair Highlights

What are bang highlights?

Highlighted bangs are just that – highlighted bangs! These look good in natural as well as vivid hair colors. It’s not as dramatic as Cruella DeVille but certainly has a punch. And yes, it’s a lot easier to maintain.


side bang blonde highlights


Style idea: Icy blonde highlighted bangs

The thing here is that you have to go with a light/bright hair color light else there’s no fun. Shades to pick from the blonde hair color chart include champagne blonde (yellowest), icy blonde (whitest), or a platinum blonde (medium) that is pictured here. You can even color the strands around your face to frame it.


Chunky Highlights

What are chunky highlights?

The thing with highlights is that you can choose how thick are thin you want your sections to be. For chunky highlights, broad sections of hair are colored in a hair color shade that is lighter than your base color.


chunky blonde highlights

Style idea: Chunky light blonde & dark caramel highlights

On long hair these resemble silky ribbons starting just above roots and cascading all the way down. The natural gradients in this light blonde highlights style are balayage inspired.


Color Melts

What are color melts?

Think of color melts as a horizontal coloring technique that uses two or more hair colors to create soft gradients. In practice, it’s a lot more complicated than that! In comparison to a single color ombre, color melts look softer. They’re also easier to maintain since the color looks natural even as the new hair grows. 


color melt blonde highlights


Style idea: Dark chocolate to rose brown to strawberry blonde color melt

This pinkish tones in this rich brown to blonde gradient would look beautiful on warm skin tones and even add color to pale cool skin tones.



Shades to Try for Blonde Highlights – Caramel, Ash, Honey & More!


Caramel Highlights

caramel highlights

This particular hair color style is a blonde highlights standard. If you want to go with something conventional, this caramel highlights on black hair are definitely worth a try.


Golden Blonde Highlights

golden blonde highlights

In case you want to go for a shade brighter than caramel, try hair highlights in golden blonde. To make the color stand out better, try these blonde highlights in thicker strands on a dark brown hair color base.


Butterscotch Blonde Highlights

butterscotch blonde highlights

Buttery yellow highlights on a base of dark brown hair are a fun way to warm up a cool skin tone. A safe way to wear this blonde shade is to avoid starting the highlights at the root, like in this style shown above. It’s almost an ombre, that gently gives way to chunky highlights that run till the hair tips.


Dark Honey Blonde Balayage

dark honey blonde balayage

For those who liked to keep things subtle, a honey blonde balayage hair color style is a classy way to wear your hair. To add more depth to your dark hair, try finer strands of hair color (characteristic of a balayage) rather than opting for chunky lights.


Champagne Blonde Balayage

champagne blonde balayage

For women at the other end of the scale, i.e. those with a slightly edgy sense of style, this bright blonde hair color style on a medium brown base creates just the right amount of drama to go with your personality.


Light Blonde Balayage

blonde highlights ash blonde balayage

If you want to go with something bright but subtle can give their dark hair this sun-kissed look. Try this light blonde hair color in a soft style that combines ombre and balayage on a brown hair base.


Rose Blonde Ombre

We’re thinking of warm yellow skin tones to compliment the pinkish hues of rose blonde. You can wear this color in a gentle color melt, or you can try it in combination with other shades in ombre cum balayage style.



Last Words on Blonde Highlights

The decision to go blonde or even get blonde hair highlights requires a bit of research. Few hair color styles are possible without bleaching, and blonde highlights aren’t one of them. The easiest thing you can do to protect your hair is to be very disciplined with your hair care routine. Use organic shampoos, get a hair spa done regularly, and get a regular trim to get rid of split ends.  

Be sure to read our post on the do’s and don’ts of hair bleach.

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