The Best Pink Lipstick Shades for Indian Skin Tones

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best-pink-lipsticks-for-Indian-skin In this post you will learn about:

  • The best pink lipstick shades for Indian skin tones from Huda, Nyx, Bobbi Brown, Revlon and more.
  • Mac pink lipstick shades that suit Indian skin colours best.
  • The best pink lipsticks for dark skin.
  • How to choose pink lipsticks for wheatish skin


Life is too short, in deed. And what better way to start the day than with a dazzling pink lipstick. To help you discover your favourite pink pout quicker, we’ve divided this list into dark pink lipsticks, bright pinks, soft muted pink shades, and light corals and blush pink lipsticks.

Dark Pink Lipstick Shades: Plums, Berries & Wines

#1. L’Oreal Infallible – Everlasting Plum

Loreal pink lipstick shade everlasting plum

This lush purple pink lipstick shade is perfect for a cool dark skin, since the shade steps to the the skin colour as well as the undertone. We think this would look great on wheatish complexions with a strong golden colouring too. The rich pigment of the lipstick would compliment the skin colour well, provided no other makeup item is used. Else the makeup would look too much. Fair skin complexions would look too stark in a dark shade like this.  


We Interrupt This Post To Bring You The ULTIMATE LIPSTICK HACK! 


…And Now, Back to the Best Pink Lipsticks for Indian Skin Tones.


#2. Sugar Smudge Me Not – Wine & Shine


This particular pink lip colour is actually a deep purple with red tones, in other words ‘sangria.’ That’s why you will find this Sugar lipstick on our list of the Best Red Lipstick Shades for Indian Skin too. It’s an easy wear for most warm skin tones, from dusky to light.

#3. Maybelline Loaded Bold – Berry Bossy


Compared to the L’Oreal plum lip colour, this berry pink lipstick shade is darker and more purple. This deep burgundy would a bring a pale light skin’s yellow undertone to the surface, making the complexion glow.  

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Bright Pink Lipstick Shades: Hot Pinks, Magentas & Fuchsia

#4. Sephora  – Indian Pink


It’s a theory but we feel that this could be the pink counterpart to the Mac’s Ruby Woo – one red lipstick shade for all skin colors. Similarly, this true pink seems like perfect pink lip colour for most Indian skin tones, with undertones ranging from sun-kissed yellow to pink flush. Make this pink lipstick shade the highlight of your makeup.

#5. Mac Retro – Relentlessly Red


Is it red or pink? But the name says red? But doesn’t it look pink? But what is it? The jury returned with a ‘It’s a pink’ verdict on this one. To be specific this is a warm pink with coral hues that would look great on light skin (sand to beige) with peachy undertones. Cool skin tones would look too washed out in this lip colour. We ask medium skin tones to give it a miss too since it would be too much colour on the face.

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#6. Colorbar Deep Matte – Deep Lily


This bright fuchsia pink lipstick shade with purple highlights, is pretty similar to the Sephora Indian pink. This one, though, is slightly brighter and comes at a fraction of the price! Similarities aside we feel that this lip colour is  would look a tad better on fair skin tones.

#7. Nyx Professional – Seoul


It would be criminal to not include a statement shade from the Nyx set. If you love your purple as much as your pink, then this bright violet lipstick from NYX is for you. The best faces for a bold lip colour like this would be those with strong – coloured complexions from medium to dusky with a visible pinkish or even peachy hues.


#8. Lakme 9to5 – Pink Post


This Lakme hot pink is a conventional choice for fair complexions. But it especially suited for a neutral, medium skin tones. The colour’s brightness makes up for the lack of an undertone, and yet doesn’t create too much of a contrast between the complexion and the lipstick.  

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Soft Pink Lipstick Shades: Roses, Peaches, & Plum

#9. Huda Beauty – Showgirl


Metallic lipstick lovers would love this rare offering from the brand. It’s a light plum that dark to medium complexions with golden or even pink undertones tones would rock. While the sheen gives the illusion of a bright shade, without it this metallic pink lipstick is actually a subtle color.  Light skin tones, or any skin tone that looks pale would appear even more washed out.

#10. MAC – Mehr


This is probably the most popular Mac pink lipstick out there! A dull rose (we prefer this prettier definition than the tag ‘dirty pink’!)  that can look anything between a subtle pink and nude sorbet depending on the skin tone that’s wearing it. The blue tones in the pigment would flatter cool-hued skin complexions.

#11. Bobbi Brown – Watermelon


This Bobbi Brown lipstick is a muted melon pink with coral highlights that would look great on sunkissed yellow skin tones, ranging from light to medium to dusky. It’s a fun shade that doesn’t go over the top, and so a must for your makeup kit.

#12. Maybelline – Self Starter



This Maybelline lipstick is another one of those trickster shades.  On most warm skin tones it sits like a peachy pink nude lipstick. However, neutral wheatish complexions transform it into a luscious dark peach that makes the face glow.

Light Pink Lipstick Shades: Blush, Coral & Nude

#13. Lakme 9to5 – Blush Book

It’s hard to find a light pink lipstick shade that doesn’t work against medium skin tones and make them look darker. This Lakme 9to5 lipstick is one such find. The blush pink lip colour makes medium complexions with neutral undertones light up.

#14. Nyx – Antwerp


Coral can go two ways – orange and pink. Of the two corals listed here, this the pinker one. The NYX Antwerp is a good pick for light to medium complexions with cool tones, although it does look pretty on certain dusky skin tones.

#15. Revlon HD – Flirtation


Here’s the more orangey coral of the two listed here. The orange tinge in this coral pink lipstick make it a comfortable pick for warm skin tones, ranging

#16. Maybelline Loaded Bolds – Proud Pink


The words ‘bold’ and ‘light’ would seem oxymoronic. That is before you come across unusual pink lip colors like this Maybelline lipstick here. This light blush pink looks powdery on most complexions, save for neutral light skin tones.  On them, it looks like pretty (and) vibrant.

Quick Recap: The Best Pink Lipsticks Shades and Prices

Pink LipstickLipstick RangePink ShadePrice
Dark pink lipstick shadesMaybelline New York Color Sensational The Loaded BoldBerry Bose Rs.450
Sugar Smudge Me Not Liquid LipstickWine & ShineRs.499
L’Oreal Paris Infallible Le Rouge LipstickEverlasting PlumRs.1070
Bright pink lipsticks shadesNyx Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream SeoulRs.600
Colorbar Deep Matte Lip CremeDeep LilyRs.699
Sephora Cream Lip StainIndian PinkRs.1210
Mac Retro Matte LipstickRelentlessly RedRs.1500
Soft pink lipstick shadesMaybelline Super Stay Matte Ink Liquid Pink LipstickSelf StarterRs.650
Huda Beauty Liquid MatteShowgirlRs.1650
Mac MatteMehrRs.1650
Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip ColorWatermelonRs.1700
Light pink lipstick shadesMaybelline New York Color Sensational The Loaded BoldsProud PinkRs.450
Lakme 9to5 Matte Lip ColorBlush BookRs.480
Nyx Professional Makeup Soft Matte Lip Cream AntwerpRs.600
Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip ColorHD FlirtationRs.1195
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