Hair Spa Procedure At Parlour: Explained in 4 Steps

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In this post you will learn:

  • What exactly is a typical hair spa procedure at parlours
  • How to replicate a salon hair spa at home
  • Hair spa advantages for your particular hair problem
  • How much does hair spa cost at Urban Company

Ever been horrified by the amount of hair you are losing? If you are one of those people who are tired of the attempts made to revive your hair but has failed, we have two words for you: hair spa. A hair spa treatment nourishes your hair and is designed to strengthen hair follicles, revitalize the scalp and roots of your hair, eventually aiding in the natural re-growth of damaged, broken or fallen hair. While it’s normal to lose 100-200 strands of hair a day, more than that needs serious intervention. Which is why a hair spa is what you need. This post talks about the four basic hair spa steps from top salons that you must follow. But if you want to read about the advantages and disadvantages of hair spa, we have you covered there as well.

Hair Spa Procedure At Parlour You Can Try At Home

Step 1. It Starts With a Looong Shampoo Session

A basic hair spa procedure starts with washing your hair with a shampoo. It typically starts with massaging your scalp gently with the shampoo and working its way down to every single strand of hair. The step goes on for over 10-15 minutes, keeping you relaxed and calm during the whole time. They let the water cascade down your scalp as the shampoo gets washed off. Hair wash helps in cleaning your hair of dirt, grime and sweat that may have clogged your scalp. Once your hair is thoroughly cleaned, they are ready to soak in the nutrients of the creams and oils that will follow next.


Hair Spa at Home – How to do this step

Take a mild sulphate-free shampoo and gently massage your scalp in smooth circular motions. Massaging your scalp for 15 minutes can get tiring, but that’s the amount of time require to get the blood circulation in that area up and going. To make it easier, pace yourself out in three 5-minute sessions.  

You may think you are doing it right but ARE YOU WASHING YOUR HAIR CORRECTLY? Read this post to find out!

Step 2. Next Comes the Conditioner

After shampooing, we move to intense conditioning of your damaged hair. Most salons and Urban Company use the same brand of conditioner as your shampoo. This is often the case as shampoos and conditioners give best results when the same brand is used.

hair spa at home - apply conditioner

Hair Spa at Home – How to do this step

If you prefer a conditioner of another brand that suits your hair, go ahead and use it. Just remember that conditioners are applied on hair strands and not your scalp. After washing your hair, squeeze out extra water and apply the conditioner. Let it stay for 2 minutes before washing it off with cold water.

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Step 3. Hair Spa Creams – The Most Important Step

Any hair spa service is incomplete without the application of therapeutic hair spa creams. These are nourishing creams that repair, strengthen and soften your hair.

PQ: In case you have lingering questions read our post on HAIR SPA: WHAT, WHY AND HOW — ANSWEREDPQ: In case you have lingering questions read our post on HAIR SPA: WHAT, WHY AND HOW — ANSWERED third step of spa at home - apply hair cream

Hair Spa at Home – How to do this step

If you are trying to do hair spa at home, then this is the most crucial step. Pour out the cream into a bowl and keep a brush handy for applying the cream. Using a comb and clips create 6 sections on your head. Now, one by one, apply the cream in each section using the brush. Remember, every section will have to be further divided so that every strand of hair gets the cream. The main aim is to cover all the stands with the cream. After this, give yourself an intense head massage. The process relaxes and lightens your mind and senses. This procedure again can go on easily for another 20 minutes.

In case you have lingering questions read our post on HAIR SPA: WHAT, WHY AND HOW — ANSWERED

Step 4. It Ends With a Relaxing Steam treatment

In most salons, heat treatment is given via a steam machine. The heat helps open up the pores and allows nutrients to be absorbed faster and better by your scalp.

Last step of hair spa at home - Give steam to your hair

Hair Spa at Home – How to do this step

Instead of a steamer, you can use a hot towel. Simply dip an old towel in hot water, squeeze out the excess water, and wrap it around your hair.

You can add a hair mask at the end, or apply it on another day.  Read our blog to learn all about using HAIR MASKS FOR SOFT & SHINY HAIR

Follow these simple steps to do hair spa at home to keep your hair healthy and nourished. Alternatively, you can book a hair spa at home by Urban Company.


How Does the Urban Company Hair Spa at Home Service Work?

Our professionals start by oiling your hair with warm coconut oil, then shampooing it, conditioning it, putting a leave-on mask over it, after which they use a leave-in cream. They carry their hot air diffuser or use a warm towel dipped in hot water to cover your hair, to let the heat pass through every strand and nourish it. The cost of hair spa in parlour is Rs 500 onwards, however to know what hair spa treatment costs in Urban Company, see the table below:

Table: Hair Spa Cost at Urban Company

Hair lengthHair spa costDuration of hair spa
Up to shoulderRs 69945 mins
Up to waistRs 104960 mins
Below waistRs 129975 mins

*Note: Urban Company does not provide hair wash services for hair spa at home.

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