4 Reasons To Add Pre-Shampooing to Your Daily Hair Care Routine

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Pre-shampooing (or pre-pooing as it is called in the US) is done before lathering your hair with shampoo. The benefits of pre-shampooing routine are many. This treatment is done to lock the moisture of your hair and protect it. One reason you should add pre-shampooing to your daily routine is because it protects hair from water damage.

Pre-shampooing is as literal as the name itself. One applies oils, conditioners or other readily available products in the market, onto their hair and scalp; keeping it on for anywhere between 15 minutes to an entire day. This depends on the type of hair you have; you will have to opt for the trial and error method, to know what works for your hair type. In this article, we have compiled a few points as to why pre-shampooing routine is so important.

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1. Overcoming the negative effects of water

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Our hair shaft is the hair above the skin. When we use shampoo and water, the hair shaft expands to accommodate the excess amount of water. After the hair dries, the hair shaft contracts. This process causes even more damage to curly and wavy hair, as they absorb more water. These kinds of textured hair require good amounts of hydration so that the hair cuticles are not damaged. benefits of pre-shampoo are many  and Pre-shampoo products like coconut oil strengthen the hair cuticles and reduce the contracting and expanding of the hair shaft.

2. Restoring moisture

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Our hair during seasonal changes suffers from the lack of moisture. Wind causes our hair to become dry as the moisture evaporates fast; and when the days are humid, dry hair is able to absorb water and makes our hair shapeless and heavy. Different hair types vary accordingly with humid weathers. Curly hair becomes frizzy and no amount of straightening helps. A pre-shampoo routine with butter and other softer oils are able to restore moisture to the textured hair. A pre-shampoo process also makes hair styling better.

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3. Detangling

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Hair tangles can lead to excessive hair loss even after washing our hair with shampoo. Benefits of pre-shampoo treatment here are, this process helps in detangling hair. Because the high fat and protein content in various pre-shampoo treatments enter the porous strands of our hair, making them soft and smooth. This, in turn, does not hinder the free flow of combing your hair. However, as the golden rule suggests, this is not a form of serum, hence combing of hair should be done over semi-dry to dry hair; never on wet hair.

4. Overcoming Shampooing  

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A shampoo is able to remove dirt from our hair, but in this process, the natural moisture of our hair suffers resulting in breakages and split ends. With these products, we need to apply them half an hour before washing or we can leave the oil for the rest of the day before putting on the shampoo. While many tend to think that moisturizers after shampoo can take care of hair dryness, it is only partially true. Moisturizers are able to lessen the effects of damage to the surface of one’s hair, but pre-shampoo products can enter the hair fiber and strengthen the scalp before any damage is inflicted. Some common pre-shampoo products are easily available in our home, such as olive oil, coconut oil, honey, yogurt, bananas. You also need to wash your hair the right way to reap benefits of pre-shampooing routine.

You don’t need to apply a pre-shampoo product every day to wash your hair. You can use pre-shampoo oils twice in a week or once in ten days and make that a routine. Some of us may need to figure out the amount of a pre-shampoo product to apply, depending on our hair type — dry hair, oily hair or hair with dandruff. A pre-shampoo routine is essential for people who want to maintain or regain their hair’s natural moisture and texture. You can hire a professional from Urban Company to give you a hot oil head massage.  Give your hair the nourishment it deserves and be ready to flaunt those natural locks in return!


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