4 Easy DIY Hairstyles That You Can Do In Seconds

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When you wake up late after hitting snooze on the alarm as many times its allows and rush to make it to office in time, arranging your hair in a gorgeous hairstyle is the last thing on your mind. But as we all know to our chagrin, appearance counts – in fact, its the first thing you say to anyone you meet and trust us on this, unruly hair says a lot.  So, here we are, with 4 super easy hairstyles by Yashita Mahajan, that can save your day in a jiffy. Watch this video for more:

Whether you’re heading to the office or stepping out for a casual day with friends, these 4 hairstyles are gorgeously suitable for all events and occasions. The best part? They’re brilliantly simple and can save precious seconds when you’re running late. Just keep in mind that for the above hairstyles to work, you need to keep your hair combed and tidy and free of any knots.

Just keep in mind that for the above hairstyles to work their magic, your hair needs to be tidy and free of any knots. Running a brush through your hair every night for a few minutes can accomplish wonders in this regard. (Expert Tip: Try out egg masks for silky, long and beautiful hair. You can easily make them at home quickly. Get the recipes here.)

Give them a try and tell us about your experience.We’d love to hear from you! And if you need any expert assistance, our salon at home professionals are always at your service. All you need to do is book your next appointment.


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