13 Burgundy Hair Color Shades for Indian Skin Tones

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burgundy hair color shades

In this post you will learn:

  • Ultimate red & burgundy hair color chart for Indians
  • Warm burgundy hair colors for cool skin
  • Cool burgundy hair colors for warm skin
  • Which shades to use for burgundy highlights
  • Some fun red hair colors for Indian skin tones to try
  • Which base color to wear for burgundy streaks



First things first.

Is Burgundy a Shade of Red and Purple?

Burgundy is actually a dark red color shade. The color is derived from the famous Burgundy wine region of France, from which it borrows its name. In cosmetology or hair color science specifically, vibrant shades of burgundy are closer to blue than red (since burgundy is a mix of these two colors), giving it its purple hue.

Choosing Burgundy Hair Colors According to Your Skin Undertone

When selecting a burgundy hair color shade, remember the rule of opposites – warm hair color shades are for cool skin undertones while warm skin undertones can wear cool burgundy hair color shades.

Do you know what your SKIN UNDERTONE is? Read this post to find out.

To balance things out we’ve thrown in some warm red hair shades.  Our list of red and burgundy hair color shades for Indian skin tones include vibrant red hair color options, dazzling purple selections, and variants of burgundy and mahogany.



The Ultimate Red & Burgundy Hair Color Chart for Indians


#1 Deep Purple-Burgundy

Cool burgundy hair color shade from the purple hair color family

deep purple burgundy hair color shade

Try this mysterious violet variant of burgundy hair color in an ombre style, to ‘lift’ dark brown or black hair. This purple hair colour variant looks just as good when tried as lowlights on dark hair.


Thinking of burgundy highlights? Read our post on HAIR HIGHLIGHTS for ideas on how to style burgundy hair.


#2 Dark Red

Cool burgundy hair color shade

dark red burgundy hair color shade

If understated elegance is your style, this subtle, cool-hued red hair color is our recommendation for you. Since it is not too bright, you could easily opt for a full head color with this shade.


#3 Violet

Cool burgundy hair color shade

violet burgundy hair color shade

If you love all things purple you have to try this dazzling concoction of dark burgundy with bright violet hair color accented with magenta highlights.


The LÓREÁL HAIR COLOR RANGE INDIA has some bright red hair color shades for Indian skin tones. Read our post to check them out.


#4 Mulled Wine

Warm red hair color shade

mulled wine burgundy hair color shade

This intense wine hair color looks so good, you can almost taste the warm spice. A mulled wine balayage would be perfect to warm up a cool skin undertone.


The LÓREÁL HAIR COLOR RANGE INDIA has some bright red hair color shades for Indian skin tones. Read our post to check them out.

#5 Bright Burgundy

Cool burgundy hair color shade

This funky shade of burgundy red hair color is a fun way to lift on a dull mane. The bold and beautiful can go for full-head color, while the not-so-daring folks can try bright burgundy ombre or highlights.


#6 Light Auburn

Warm/Neutral burgundy hair color shade

auburn red hair color shade

We know that this reddish – brown hair color seems out of place on this mostly pinkish-purple list, but we needed to add something from the red hair color tree for cool skin undertones too. Warm skin tones can wear this light auburn hair color as a global color.


If you like the sound of the words espresso, caramel, chocolate, then you must read our post on 12 BROWN HAIR COLOR SHADES TO TRY for Indian skin tones.


#7 Metallic Lavender

Neutral burgundy hair color shade

metallic lavender burgundy hair color shade

If you’re looking for the right balance between strong and soft, this trending shade of purple hair color is the perfect find. It’s fresh, it’s new, and it’s definitely worth a try, especially a metallic lavender ombre.

#8 Deep Plum

Cool burgundy hair color shade

deep plum burgundy hair color shade

Olive complexions must try this beautiful maroon hair color with purple tones; a beaut selection from the burgundy hair color chart.

#9 Red Velvet

Warm burgundy hair color shade

red velvet red hair color shade

Red Velvet is generally a cool red hair color shade. Brighter shades – like this one here – tend to be warmer and would suit complexions with cool skin undertones quite well.


Black and dark brown hair needs to be bleached before red hair color is applied. Read our post on the DOS AND DON’TS OF HAIR BLEACH to be prepared for the after effects.

#10 Black Cherry

Cool burgundy hair color shade

black cherry burgundy hair color shade

This is a hard color to wear on dark Indian hair because it won’t show. If you really like this subtle mix of black and red, you can try subtle burgundy highlights or balayage on black hair for a similar effect.


#11 Magenta

Neutral burgundy hair color shade

magenta burgundy hair color shade

There’s nothing like a funky magenta ombre to jazz things up! The thing with magenta is that it’s the perfect balance of a warm pink and a cool purple hair color, which makes it a neutral shade for warm and cool undertones to try.


#12 Mulberry

Cool burgundy hair color shade

mulberry burgundy hair color shade

Picture the rich red dye flowing from a handful of crushed berries, and enveloping your hair in this vivid red hair color.  This is a perfect choice for fair and medium Indian skin complexions with cool undertones.

#13 Aubergine

Cool burgundy hair color shade

aubergine burgundy hair color shade

If you’re one of those who likes to shake things up every now and then, this new-age purple hair color shade with shimmery tones would definitely shake up your locks.



Burgundy Hair Color Chart and Price Table

Product NamePrice
L’Oreal Paris Excellence Creme Hair Color – Burgundy hair color ₹446.50
L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss – Plum 

hair color 

L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss – Burgundy 

hair color 

₹399 (24ml)
BBLUNT Salon Secret High Shine Creme Hair Colour – Deep Burgundy 

hair color 

₹166 (8ml)
Revlon Color N Care Permanent Hair Color Cream – Burgundy 

hair color 

Garnier Color Naturals Shade –  Burgundy 

hair color 

₹180 (60ml)
Schwarzkopf Keratin Hair Color – Bordeaux Red 

hair color 




Last Words on Burgundy Hair Color Shades

There’s no end to doubts on hair color, how to use it, will it suit you, etc. So we tried answering a few.

What’s the best burgundy hair dye?

All top hair color brands have burgundy options available in semi-permanent, permanent, and temporary varieties. Try LÓreal, Schwarzkopf, Garnier, Wella, Manic Panic and other brands if you want to take the DIY hair color route. For organic hair color brands, Khadi, Indus Valley, and other have burgundy hair color shades.

What skin tone is best for burgundy hair?

Once you find out what your skin undertone is you can find the the right shade of burgundy to suit your complexion. Warm skin undertones should pick cool shades of burgundy with blue, purple tones, while cool skin undertones should pick warm burgundy hair color shades, with red tones.  

How do you apply burgundy hair color?

People with light coloured hair, like blonde or light brown, can apply burgundy hair color directly. However dark hair, like dark brown and black, needs to be bleached before applying the colour. Hair bleaching is best left to a professional hair colorist since there are many precautions that need to be taken when using a hair bleach.

Red, purple, and burgundy hair color shades require brown/black hair to be lightened with hair bleach for the colour to visible. It’s a good idea to read up and do your research on the dos and don’t of hair bleach to be well-prepared for the after-effects.

No matter how safe the hair colours claim to be, hair colouring does cause a degree of damage. You can try these homemade hair masks for coloured hair to reverse the damage. Also ensure to follow a proper hair care routine religiously.

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