11 Beauty Tips to Look Drop Dead Gorgeous in No Time

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Nowadays every one of us is expected to look presentable every single time we step outside, especially when we have to meet someone or even for an interview. While some of us prefer heavy makeup others love light makeup. With all these beauty demands, here we have 11 beauty tricks for you to look ramp-ready!

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Daily Beauty Rituals

The best beauty tip is to start with some daily beauty rituals. It is very important to follow a healthy beauty regime. Consider this as the most important beauty tips of all time.

1. Use a gentle scrub

The most important of all beauty tips is: Instead of using your everyday face wash, on two or three days in a week, you can use a gentle scrub that will help cleanse your skin and your pores better than a face wash. You can use your hands to rub it evenly on your face or use the next given technique.

10-under-10-tricks-to-look-drop-dead-gorgeous-in-no-time - scrub/ Exfoliate

2. Exfoliate your skin

You look as good if your skin looks and you cannot expect your skin to look bright and replenished every day of the week. Some days, it might look pale and you might have to give a little nudge to get that blood flowing over your cheeks and give you a little color.

A beauty tip you can remember is to use an exfoliator, twice or thrice a week after you wash your face with a mild face wash or directly use it with a little bit of your scrub. You will immediately feel that change in your skin color and touch.

3. Moisturize it every day

10-under-10-tricks-to-look-drop-dead-gorgeous-in-no-time - Moisturize it

Before you go ahead and apply all the makeup, you need to create a base where in your pores do not get blocked by the foundation, powder etc and also to get it a little supple. For this, you can apply a little bit moisturize that is recommended for all skin types. Rub it across your face, while giving it a gentle massage.

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Your makeup routine

If you are expecting a perfect look in less than ten minutes, you probably don’t have the time for a heavy makeup. Hence you can do away with the foundation. Instead of using foundation as the base layer, we have already suggested another beauty tip- using moisturizer.

5. Conceal your freckles and blemishes

10-under-10-tricks-to-look-drop-dead-gorgeous-in-no-time - conceal it

Now that we have done away with the foundation and also used a moisturizer, you can go ahead and cover all your dark spots, blemishes and freckles with an effective concealer. Be sure to use it only along the lines of the spot and not all of your face.

Also, make sure you blend in all in your skin so that it doesn’t stand out all flaky after a while.

6. Apply a bit of powder

All the products that you’ve used are liquid or semi-liquid and this will tend to make your skin look very oily and shiny. Hence, you need something to even it out and dry it out a bit. For this, choose a compact powder of your skin type and color and apply the least amount possible, evenly, across your facial skin. Dust it off with a sponge.

7. Add a little color

10-under-10-tricks-to-look-drop-dead-gorgeous-in-no-time - add a little colour

Now that you have added the powder to your face, you might feel that it looks a little pale than usual since you’ve cut out the foundation. Hence, to add a bit of color, you need to use that blush box that you haven’t used for a little while.

The trick while applying blush is that you need to smile as much as possible lest it comes out uneven. Smile and dust off a brush dipped in the blush, across your cheekbones. Apply correct amounts, to make it look like a natural color, otherwise, the whole no-heave-makeup concept gets ruined.

8. Flush your lips

10-under-10-tricks-to-look-drop-dead-gorgeous-in-no-time - use a cloth
image courtesy-beauty MNL

Your lips are the most vulnerable part of your face and the texture tends to change every now and then. Thus, whenever you find your lips to dry and chapped, it’s probably because the dead skin cells need to be removed. For this, take a soft wet cloth and rub it slowly across your lips and this way you peel off all the dead skin cells, bringing back some real color to your skin.

9. An alternative for the lip

10-under-10-tricks-to-look-drop-dead-gorgeous-in-no-time - an alternative for the lips

If you feel that exfoliating your lip didn’t work or even if it worked, if you feel it needs a bit of your favourite lip shade, you can go ahead and apply some. Nevertheless, keeping with the no-heavy-makeup concept, you don’t have to apply the whole stick of lip colour across your lips. Instead, you can rub a little on your index finger and use your finger to dab it across your lips, giving it a mild and natural colour.

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10. Work on your eye

10-under-10-tricks-to-look-drop-dead-gorgeous-in-no-time - work on your eye

Even if you choose not to do any kind of makeup, adding a little bit of work onto your eyes can go a long way in making you look fresh and presentable. Hence, the last and final step- apply either a jet black, matted out kajal on your waterline or apply a liquid matte eyeliner in a single thick motion on your eyelid. If you choose to do both, make sure you keep it thin so that your eyes don’t pop out like a raccoon’s, among that simple makeup.

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11. Rose water always helps

10-under-10-tricks-to-look-drop-dead-gorgeous-in-no-time - rose water

After applying everything or before applying everything, you can splash or spray some rose water onto your face and help it hydrate. Spraying some rose water can help make the makeup stay a little longer and not get flaky.

Dear eleventh-hour women, there are ways to look good to go within ten minutes. Go ahead and sprinkle some last minute make up magic.

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