10 Easy Nail Art Ideas For Valentine’s Day

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Today is the day of Love, and you just can’t miss out on making it special for you and your beloved. If you’re planning on a romantic evening date or late candlelight dinner, then how about trying out some fancy nail art tricks that you can partner with your outfit. Here we have compiled a list of super quirky nail art ideas for you, to express your love in a subtle way.

  1. Pretty in Pink:

    manicure at home
    Image Courtesy: Pinterest

    If you don’t have long nails, you can still get this look. It’s easy and perfect for your date night. Use a subtle pink color for your base.

  2. Scrabble attack:

    manicure at home
    Image Courtesy: Pinterest

    Love Scrabble? Then this nail art trick is totally for you. Okay, so make your nails look stylish by adding the letters L, O, V, E from your favorite game and adding a
    heart to your thumb nail.

  3. Ruled by your heart:

    manicure at home
    Image Courtesy: Pinterest

    Try this amazing nail art design, by making your heart beat rule your nails. Make sure that you try it with a thin brush before mastering this art.

  4. The caged heart:

    manicure at home
    Image Courtesy: marce7ina

    Go bold with this nail art. Sassy stripes and a brave little heart popping out of the cage! You can never go wrong with this nail art trick.

  5. From basic to chic:

    manicure at home
    Image Courtesy: Pinterest

    Add this super cool nail art design to your base coated nails. To complete the look, add the ever so pretty golden glitter nail polish to your ring finger nail.

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  6. Workaholic lover:

    manicure at home
    Image Courtesy: Pinterest

    Working this valentine week and short of time? This nail art trick is totally a savior for you. Paint your nails with the shiny base coat and add a little red heart to your ring finger.

  7. Red rush:

    manicure at home
    Image Courtesy: Pinterest

    Not everyone wants to experiment with alternative colors on Valentines Day. Paint your nails with your favorite red nail polish except for the ring finger. To make it look edgy, go bold with white and grey stripes!

  8. Pastel Crush:

    manicure at home
    Image Courtesy: Pinterest

    Choose your two best pastel color nail polish and make your nails look flawless and elegant by adding little black hearts on the edge. If you’re aren’t the one into dark colors, this is totally for you.

  9. French manicure with a twist:
    manicure at home Spice up your basic and regular French manicure by adding glittery hearts on the tip of your nails and make your basic design pop up and come alive!
  10. Rhinestones and stickers:
    manicure at home Ready to experiment this valentine day? Make your nails look glamorous and edgy by adding rhinestones and stickers in different shapes and sizes on your nails. You can never go wrong with this experiment.

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