All You Need to Know About the Sara Fruit Cleanup


Most of us stick to a normal routine of cleansing and moisturising when it comes to taking care of our skin. While this is a good practice to follow on an everyday basis, regular clean-ups are a very important part of skin care too. But what is a cleanup? How often should you do it? Is the Sara Fruit Cleanup better or more effective than other cleanups?

This guide is meant to answer all these questions you might have and more!

What are cleanups?

A cleanup is a face care regimen that targets deep cleansing your skin by removing dead skin cells, black heads, white heads, dirt, excess oil and sweat.  It includes a four-step process– cleansing, scrubbing, in some cases steaming, and the application of a soothing face pack.

Why do I need a cleanup?

Deep cleansing your skin is crucial to maintaining good skin hygiene and health. In the long run, it can reduce the likelihood of breakouts by cleaning out clogged pores, and even reduce itchiness or dryness in your skin by keeping it hydrated. Cleanups also give your skin an instant boost, leaving it refreshed and glowing.

face clean up
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How often should I get a cleanup done?

Once in two weeks is a good rule of thumb, however you can adjust this based on your needs and availability.

Can’t I just do cleanups myself?

Honestly speaking, cleanups are much easier to do at home than facials. However, processes like scrubbing are much more effective when conducted by experts. Some massaging and cleaning techniques involve fostering blood circulation in your face. This can only happen when done by professionals.

face cleanup

That being said, if you still want to try it out at home, check out our  Step by Step Guide on How to do a Face Cleanup at Home.

The Sara Fruit Cleanup

Why opt for this over your regular cleanup regimen?

Fruit extracts and anti-oxidants

First, because O3+’s Sara Fruit Cleanup is enriched with orange extracts that contain ascorbic acids. This means its Vitamin C content will reduce skin problems like pigmentation and spots. It will clear out your skin and bring out a glowing complexion. All this, in addition to the benefits of regular cleanups!

sara fruit cleanup
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Gentle massage with face cream

Second, when conducted by Urban Company professionals, this cleanup has a bonus step that most cleanups usually don’t! After cleaning your face with an Orange Cleanser and clearing excess impurities with the Orange Face Scrub, our professional also massages your skin with the Orange Face Cream for 10 minutes. This will boost blood circulation in your skin and leave it glowing from within.

Rejuvenating citrus face pack

Finally, you’ll also have a relaxing Orange Face Pack. When applied to your face, this will boost the collagen in your skin, refine pores and give your skin a firmer, more supple effect.

Pro-treatment at home

And since Urban Company beauty professionals will take care of this entire process for you, all you need to do is lie down, relax, and give your skin the great treatment it deserves!

Quick Recap

Regular cleanups Sara Fruit Cleanup
Benefits Exfoliates, clears impurities and leaves skin fresh. Exfoliates, clears impurities and also reduces pigmentation and spots, brings out glow in complexion.
Ingredients May or may not contain products  fruit extracts. All products are enriched with Vitamin C extracts that boost skin health.
Steps Cleansing, scrubbing, ending with a face pack. Cleansing, scrubbing and massaging before ending with the final face pack.
Your role You can opt to do one yourself or go all the way to the salon to get it done. You can call Urban Company and relax while our trained professionals do a great cleanup in the comfort of your own home.