10 Prettiest Nail Polish Colours to Rock this Winter

Nail polish is an essential component of every makeup kit. No manicure is ever complete without a splash of color on your nails. And no surprise here that weather ...

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Nail polish is an essential component of every makeup kit. No manicure is ever complete without a splash of color on your nails. And no surprise here that weather does play a role in the nail polish shades we choose. While summers see more vibrant colors in play, winters are meant for subtle colors.

If you want to get your hands on the ten prettiest nail paints for winters, take a look at what we have picked out for you.

10 Best Nail Paints for Winters

1. Almond brown Nail Paint

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The almond brown nail hue is a new trend this winter. It is a recent addition to the fashion list and is already making waves around the world. The color is a perfect balance between a soft, feminine and a bold, adventurous shade. It works well to complement your personality if you like being ladylike and boisterous at the same time. Apply a few coats of almond nail paint and give a whole new dimension to your looks this winter.

2. Burgundy Nail Paint


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It’s not just this winter, but burgundy has been one of the favorite winter nail colors for many years. As soon as the weather changes, burgundy nail paints start making a comeback. This is because the shade is ideal for the cold weather and lights up your fingers and toes even in the dull, gloomy weather. It can be paired with practically every single outfit and looks smart and chic. So get your hands on some good burgundy nail paints this winter and rock the fashion charts.

3. Soft grey


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Just as you cannot imagine summer without some pale pink nail paint, you can possibly never imagine winter without a soft grey shade. The grey nail paint is subtle and glamorous at the same time. It is also very feminine. You can apply this nail paint for all occasions as it looks good with formal as well as casual outfits.

4. Berry


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If you feel you won’t get enough pop from the subdued burgundy shade, opt for some berry nail paint. This hue is similar to burgundy but is peppier and more vibrant. You can get a variety of shades under berry, but since you are looking for nail paints for winter, try to choose a shade that is a little less on the bright side and more on the subdued side.

5. Dark blue


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If you really can’t let go of your love for colors even in winter, you can opt for a nail paint in a beautiful midnight blue shade. Midnight blue is one of the best winter nail colors as it gives you the hit of vibrancy while keeping the winter theme alive as well. Look to get a glossy finish paint as that will increase the glam factor and make your nails look very trendy too.

6. Black sparkle


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Sparkly nail paint has always been in vogue, but we saw a dwindling interest in these glitzy shades for a couple of years. But, the sparkles are making a grand comeback this year and you will find many sparkling nail paints to choose from. While most shades look good, the trendiest one currently is black. Black is the ideal nail paint for winters and helps you keep a subdued look while upping the glamour quotient too.

7. Matt-finish nude


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Nude nails look classy and compliment your outfits beautifully. If you do not want to go in for too many colors this winter, opt for a stylish nude nail paint with a matte finish. This is, in fact, one of the best nail paints to rock the winter like never before!

8. Olive


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Everyone may not be able to pull off green nails, but if you take a risk, you may just be able to come out with flying colors! Olive nail paints are very popular this winter and we have already seen many celebrities sporting these shades. If you want a winter-worthy nail paint that is unique, bold and very fashionable, look for an olive hue. You will be surprised at how wonderfully it will transform your nails.

9. Pastel lavender


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If you simply cannot do without the pastel shades, opt for a pastel lavender nail paint. This color is the perfect shade for winters and will let you have your way in a trendy and fashionable manner.

10. Dark red


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Yes, that’s correct – we saved the best for the last! The eternal favorite dark red shade is just perfect for every season of the year. You cannot do without a deep, dark red nail paint in your kitty. Perfect for winter parties or simply for a day out with friends, this shade is a complete winner.

There are some really wonderful winter nail colors that you can stock up on this season. Try out different shades when you do a manicure at home and remain trendy throughout the season.

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